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Know Your Timeshare's
Market Value:

The most important factor in selling or renting your timeshare.

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Step #1
Complete the form on the right.

Step #2
We research the value of your timeshare.

Step #3
Receive your market value document.

Step #4
List your timeshare for rent or sale with Vacation Timeshare Rentals.

When selling or renting your timeshare, one of the most important factors that a buyer or renter will consider is your asking price. Therefore, it is critical that your timeshare be properly priced relative to other identical units in the secondary market. If you price your timeshare too high, it may never sell or rent.  Knowing what your timeshare is going for on the open market will greatly increase your chances of selling or renting it.

By completing this form,  you understand that the Timeshare Market Value is not someone's opinion such as an appraisal.  It will provide you with historical data from 3 identical timeshares like yours that have been marked as sold and/or rented from others who have listed their property with our company within the past 365 days.

Important Security Information
Vacation Timeshare and Rentals, LLC does not share your confidential personal information with anyone.

Timeshare Market Value Document
Determines an accurate and appropriate value.
Adds credibility to your listing price.
Boosts buyer confidence.
Easily send document to prospective buyers.
Delivery options are email, postal mail, and/or fax.

The document can be delivered by e-mail, fax or regular postal mail in a colorful PDF document format (Adobe Acrobat), although optional document types can also be provided upon request.

Completion time is approximately one week.

Please note that you do not have to list your timeshare for sale or rent with our company to receive a Timeshare Market Value. Unlike other companies who claim to offer a similar market value document, we will never contact you and pressure you into listing your timeshare for sale or rent with us. You have our word.