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WorldMark Trendwest

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Information about Timeshares

Selling a timeshare or planning a timeshare vacation? Explore our vast resources.

WorldMark credits are a vacation currency that you own. The number of credits you purchase is deposited annually into a WorldMark account to spend as YOU chose. A couple of weeks at the lake every year, exchange into a world-class resort for a week or spend a couple of days at a drive-to resort. How long you stay is up to you and only limited by the number of vacation credits you own!

WorldMark credits give you ultimate flexibility. You don’t own in a particular season, in a particular unit or at a single resort. You own all them! All resort locations (over 50), everything from a studio to a four-bedroom penthouse. Nearby or far away. By the ocean, mountains, lakes or the desert. Small enough or big enough to fit whatever lifestyle you’re living today! Single? Couple? Small family? Large family? Grandparents? Empty nesters? WorldMark Trendwest has the perfect vacation for you.

Trendwest pioneered the Drive-to Resort concept with the creation of WorldMark. WorldMark resorts were designed to make 2- or 3-day getaways easy. Most WorldMark resorts are within a 2- to 5-hour drive of the metropolitan areas where Trendwest markets. These areas include Seattle and Portland as well as several cities in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Missouri. In fact, 80% of WorldMark resorts are drive-to resorts. Of course we all dream of going to the other 20%—exotic locations including Hawaii, Fiji, Mexico and WorldMark South Pacific's resorts in Australia.

Special value added programs offering a variety of vacation experiences outside of WorldMark but using WorldMark Credits as payment. Trendwest, as the Management Company for WorldMark, offers these programs to give even more flexibility to your WorldMark Ownership. Cruise the Caribbean, Alaska or Mexico. Join other WorldMark Owners in Rome, Paris, and London. Excursions have included tours through Napa Valley wineries and a night out in San Francisco including dinner and a show. Take your family to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo or Universal Studios, or ride a roller coaster at a local theme park. These tickets and more can be purchased through the Vacation Planning Center using WorldMark credits. Some restrictions apply. ---Content comes from the WorldMark Trendwest website.

What can Vacation Timeshare Rentals, LLC do for a WorldMark Trendwest member?  Vacation Timeshare Rentals, LLC offers WorldMark Trendwest owners, as well as non-members the ability to reach tens of thousands of travelers each month.  These travelers are searching directly to rent or purchase a timeshare for their next vacation or at least the interest.  By listing on our website, a WorldMark member can expose their credits for rent or resale to these travelers. 

You do not have to be a WorldMark Trendwest member to advertise on our website.  Sell WorldMark Timeshare credits by selling your timeshare on the Vacation Timeshare Rentals website.  View all available WorldMark timeshares.  View more Vacation Ownership Services.

WorldMark Timeshare Resorts:
WorldMark timeshare resorts at <% counter = 0 Do While counter <> count If ResortCountry(counter) = "United-States" OR ResortCountry(counter) = "Canada" then%> <%=ResortName(counter)%>,  <%else%> <%=ResortName(counter)%>,  <%end if counter = counter + 1 Loop %> are currently available for buying and/or renting from timeshare owners via our website.