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Information about Timeshares

Selling a timeshare or planning a timeshare vacation? Explore our vast resources.

We Focus on Vacation Timeshares Only

Our site offers vacation timeshares only. Some websites offer timeshares, vacation homes, campground memberships, inn accommodations, and other lodging options, spreading their resources too thin. We have opted to offer our visitors the finest selection of vacation timeshares only. This provides our members with a targeted audience, looking only for timeshares, and enables us to focus our resources in one area, timeshares!

A timeshare is an arrangement under which a purchaser receives an interest in real estate and the right to use the accommodation or amenities, or both, for a specified period and on a recurring basis. This site is used primarily for selling vacation properties that are timeshares, as well as renting timeshare properties.

Known as a great buy, timeshares only save you money when you either use them, or rent them out to the general public. Occasionally, owners will buy a resort with the intention to use their condo sometime in the future, but something occurs that keeps them from using their week, such as work, sickness, a family crisis, or some other unforeseen circumstance. This can frustrate an owner as they are required to pay the annual maintenance fee regardless if the timeshare is used or not. That is what makes using Vacation Timeshare Rentals, LLC such a great vehicle! For those not using their timeshare, our huge selection of timeshare rentals allows the general public to rent your timeshare.

Timeshares only work if you use or rent them out to others. Not using your timeshare? Rent it out today!

View our selection of thousands of timeshares. If you want to learn more about timeshares, click here. To list your time share property for sale or rent, click here.