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Profile of a Timeshare Company: Consolidated Resorts

Consolidated Resorts is commonly abbreviated as CRM which stands for Consolidated Resorts Management and signifies the fact that it is a management services company to a select group of timeshare resort properties. Being formed only as recently as the year 2000, Consolidated Resorts also has a sister company by the name of Soleil Management, abbreviated to SM, also another company that provides management services to timeshare resort properties. Consolidated Resorts prides itself on having imposed the strictest standards possible at all the properties that it currently manages. One important way that it has achieved this is by centralizing both the reservation departments and the customer service departments. At present, Consolidated Resorts is also involved in some ambitious program to both upgrade as well as renovate all the timeshare resort properties that it manages.

Timeshare Resort Properties Under Management

Consolidated Resorts, or Consolidated Resorts Management, currently manages 13 timeshare resort properties that are all located within US states. The states where you can find timeshare resort properties managed by Consolidated Resorts include Hawaii (which specifically includes the presence of Consolidated Resorts-managed timeshare resort properties on the islands of Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii itself, Kauai and West Maui), Florida and Las Vegas. In more detail, the resorts managed by Consolidated Resorts are the newest additions to Las Vegas real estate, which are the Tahiti Village and just regular old Tahiti, as well as their older crown jewel called Club de Soleil; The Villas at Regal Palms in Florida; the Maui Beach Vacation Club, the Sands of Kahana, the Maui Banyan Resort, the Kahana Villa Resort, the Kahana Beach Resort and the Hono Koa Resort all on Maui, the Gardens at West Maui, and, finally, the Kauai Sands on Kauai.

Headquarters and Corporate Offices

The headquarters as well as the corporate offices of this timeshare company are situated in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada, which makes sense. This puts Consolidated Resorts right in the heart of not only one of the most exciting cities in the whole world, but also in a city which caters perfectly to the timeshare resort experience on account of all the attractions and flocking tourists. The number of employment opportunities that Consolidated Resorts has created numbers 750, as its work force totals that many employees. Consolidated Resorts also runs on a yearly operating budget of about $60 billion, and at present, it manages approximately 2300 condo suites on behalf of various timeshare resort properties.

Professional Affiliations

Consolidate Resorts is affiliated with some prominent groups and organizations in the timeshare resort industry, too. One of its affiliates is Interval International, which is a quality vacation exchange network that also offers vacations ownership experiences. Another affiliate is the Community Associations Institute, of which it is a member, which describes itself as an entity that's dedicated to promoting vibrant community associations. Finally, Consolidate Resorts is affiliated with the American Resort Development Assocation, a national trade group for the resort industry.