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How to Get Reliable Timeshare Legal Advice

You need timeshare legal advice. You don't know where or how to get it. Knowing your ownership rights before you buy a timeshare is always the best way to go. However, if you've made a purchase or are considering making a purchase and want legal assistance consider this:

Timeshare lawyers are rare

Although you may find lawyers that advertise timeshare expertise in regions that are overloaded with timeshare communities, most lawyers won't have this specialty. You may find that you are best served in checking with the local chapter of the American Bar Association for help in such a manner. Find the lawyer, then check with the Bar to see how long they've been practicing law and if there are any complaints against the lawyer. This should not be the end of your research. While references can be helpful, make sure that you interview the lawyer first. Next, negotiate price. It the cost of hiring a lawyer is not easily offset by the financial saving to you, you may want to look elsewhere. If you can't find a timeshare specialist, find a real estate lawyer. They will understand the law and may even know the company you're dealing with, making it possible for you to negotiate without going to court.

Be sure that legal help is the best route

If you've been ripped off by a timeshare scam artist, you may not have a legal outlet. If the timeshare company has followed local laws and properly disclosed all that must be disclosed, most likely, they are in the clear. The main way that timeshare legal advice is helpful is if the timeshare company didn't disclose something or lied about their product in a way that you can prove. There should be no hidden fees, and ownership rights and responsibilities must be provided prior to the signing of the deed. Since a lawyer would be best equipped to evaluate this; take advantage of a free consultation prior to hiring which most reputable lawyers offer. Lawyers can be expensive and getting money back from a bad lawyer is almost as hard as it is to get money back from a timeshare company so proceed with caution. Avoid lawyers who want to work on an unlikely angle or a flimsy legal argument, unless they are willing to do it on contingency or at no cost to you. Sometimes lawyers are able to make a name for themselves in such a manner. It would be worth consideration if they are willing to take a chance at no risk to you. However, if they expect you to pay for their legal experimentation, you'd be better off looking for another legal adviser.

International Timeshare Problems

Again, find legal help local to your purchase. Contact the US Embassy or your country's Embassy closest to your timeshare for assistance. They should be able to point you towards a reputable route of dealing with your problem. Sometimes the best solution is to cut your losses by renting out your unit, rather than using it, giving it to a charity (with full disclosure) or relinquishing your rights to the property all together.