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Why Sell My Timeshare for $1?

You're having trouble as you try to get rid of a timeshare and you wonder, "Should I try to sell my timeshare for a dollar?" It may feel like you're not getting enough and you think that you should go for more, so what's the point of selling so cheaply? A timeshare is a way to vacation luxuriously,it is not an investment. When you no longer can benefit from the travel values a timeshare has to offer, it's best to get it off your hands quickly. Selling for a dollar will most likely help get the timeshare out of your hands, where waiting for a better return may leave you holding onto something you can no longer use.

As long as you own your timeshare, you'll be responsible for a maintenance fee. You need to consider how many of these you're willing to pay without actually using your property. The higher the fee, the more quickly that you'll want to get rid of the timeshare. Selling for a dollar will help make that possible. 

The older a property gets, the lower its value becomes. If you haven't gotten a satisfactory offer after having the timeshare on the market for a period of time, you're not increasing the odds of selling it for a greater profit. Yes, selling timeshares for a dollar is practically giving them away but it's freeing you from obligation while giving others the opportunity to start enjoying their vacations.