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The Basics of a Marriott Timeshare Resale

A Marriott timeshare resale is often an easier timeshare to sell because resorts that are under the Marriott Vacation Club International (MCVI) umbrella are highly coveted holiday properties. When reselling a product that has such a strong reputation, your odds of creating a reasonable contract rises. Here are some things to keep in mind when advertising your Marriott timeshare resale.

Take Advantage of the Reputation

Advertise that your timeshare resort is a Marriott resort. Make certain you note that the vacation week or weeks will be available for trade to other equally luxurious accommodations throughout prime locations across the globe. Marriott has its own exchange network and can be exchanged as part of Interval International (II), as well. II is also a top exchange network with a strong reputation. For many timeshare purchasers, the ability to trade their unit for other desirable holidays is far more important than where their actual timeshare ownership is.

A Marriott Timeshare Vacation Week Is Easier to Rent to Travelers Outside the Timeshare Network

Many people buy timeshare units understanding they will be able to rent their vacation holiday to someone who isn't part of the exchange network. Getting people to participate in such a rental demands a great deal of confidence that the renter will receive what he or she paid for. Renting a Marriott gives renters confidence that they will get what they expect. Pictures of the resort can be found on Marriott's website and from the owner, so the renter can have a better idea of what to expect. The website will also list available amenities backing up the owner's promises to the renter. Such a polished view from a renowned organization will only increase the desirability of your timeshare resort to others.

Marriott Rewards® Points

Marriott Rewards® Points are a benefit available to MCVI original purchasers, but they do not transfer with resale. These points are valuable to the member because they allow MCVI members to turn their timeshare week over to Marriott in exchange for points that can be used for other purchases, such as plane tickets, car rentals, cruises, Marriott merchandise, Marriott hotel stays such as weekend get-a-ways and other related travel purchases. This gives the owner much more flexibility and value for his or her timeshare. Many members would rather take the points and use them at their leisure than deal with renting or exchanging their vacation week or weeks. Although these benefit points do not transfer, many timeshare weeks purchased as Marriott timeshare resale weeks are eligible for adding the Marriott Rewards® Points to the unit directly through the Marriott for an additional cost. Check with your resort to see whether this is available to your purchaser when selling your timeshare unit on the resale market. Its important to be honest with purchasers about the transferability and cost related to the Marriott Rewards® Points because doing otherwise could give the purchaser a legal way to dissolve his or her contract with you.