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How to Sell MROP Timeshare Units

Timeshare units at the MROP timeshare organization, like timeshare units at any other resort group, present a challenge to sell within a certain period of time. MROP—or the Multi Resort Ownership Plan, Inc.—is a non-profit organization for timeshare properties that began all the way back in the year 1974. They are based in Utah and feature resorts that are spread out across the continental US with some locations in Mexico and Hawaii, too. Now featuring a total of 58 timeshare resorts in their collection, MROP originally started very humbly, with only one such resort. Selling your MROP timeshare unit is going to take a lot of patience and an understanding of the timeshare market.

Sell Timeshare Yourself

This is the option to pick if you are a person who is sick of spending more money than you have to, which you will be forced into doing if you hire a real estate agent to market and sell your timeshare at MROP. Selling the timeshare unit yourself simply means that you have to do all the marketing; this includes putting up ads for your timeshare unit. Thanks to the Internet, you can do this for cheap and with some effect by approaching websites that charge a small fee in exchange for you to put up an ad for your timeshare at MROP. Also remember that haggling is a huge part of the timeshare world, so if you end up getting an interested buyer, be prepared to get into negotiations with him or her that will focus on your lowering your asking price.

Try an Online Auction Site

Again, these days, because of the Internet opening lots of options, you can be unorthodox in how you try to sell your timeshare at the MROP organization. Selling timeshares is first and foremost about how many people you can reach, and there is no better way than doing this by using a website that gets a lot of traffic. For instance, eBay is a great example of an online auction site that you can use to get different people to bid on your timeshare property. While using this option does not guarantee a quicker sale or a sale at all, it does focus on the fact that this option is another way that you can bring your timeshare unit to the attention of possible buyers.

Use a Broker

Using a real estate broker is the last resort if you don’t succeed or don’t think you can succeed at handling the timeshare selling process of your MROP unit yourself. Just be advised that using a broker will subject you to increased costs. You are going to utilize a portion of the sale of your timeshare at MROP to pay the broker’s commission. Additionally, you have to also pay the demanded upfront fee that a broker will charge you just for using him.