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How to Sell Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshares

Holiday Inn Club belongs to Holiday Inn group, which is one of the topmost names in the global hospitality business. It may not be very difficult to sell your timeshare of Holiday Inn Club because of the company’s high reputation. But you may consider the following points in order to achieve the best value for your money. 

Emphasize on the Brand Power of Holiday Inn 

Holiday Inn Club is the latest feather in the cap of the Holiday Inn hospitality group that is world renowned for its high end hotels and resorts. The company has been in the hospitality business for over half a century and it knows exactly how to pamper its customers and ensure that they get an unforgettable vacation experience each time they visit a Holiday Inn property. By associating with such a well established company, the timeshare buyer is assured of top quality standards and efficiency in all respects. Customer service, on-site amenities and quality of villas and suites at all Holiday Inn Club resorts is of a uniformly high standard. 

Good Resale Value of the Asset 

One of the key points to highlight when selling timeshares of Holiday Inn Club Vacations is the sustainable resale value of the property in the long run. The company takes care to maintain and upgrade its properties in conformance to the highest quality standards year after year. So in all likelihood the buyer of this timeshare may get a good resale value whenever he may like to sell off the unit. The timeshare owners can enjoy superior vacations as long as they own the property, and later on get a good value on sale as well. So it is a win-win proposition that should be promoted while selling your timeshare. 

Promote the Membership Benefits 

When you offer your Holiday Inn Club timeshare to prospective buyers, you should promote the various exclusive club privileges, vacation options and flexibility that come along with it. You can break your vacation week into multiple short holidays if required. In addition to the option of staying at six exclusive Holiday Inn Club properties, you also have the choice to exchange your property through RCI exchange network which has an affiliation with the company. The vacation club’s program points can be redeemed for air travel, hotel stays and auto rentals. Every timeshare owner is a part of the group’s Priority Club Rewards loyalty program that leads to bonus points and rewards from time to time. 

Selling your Timeshare in the Resale Market 

Before you go ahead with selling your Holiday Inn Club timeshare in the resale market, you should check with the resort management if they have a buyback program. But if even if you receive a buyback offer, you should compare that price against the prices in the resale market. Due to the high brand value of the timeshare, it may be possible to sell your unit in the resale market at a better price than the company’s buyback offer. So evaluate all your options before finalizing the deal for your Holiday Inn Club timeshare.