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How to Sell Festiva Resorts Timeshares

One of the premier names in the timeshare industry that has come up rapidly since its inception in 2000 is Festiva Resorts. From its humble origins with just one resort and 500 members, today the company owns and manages 24 resorts and four cruise clubs across some of the prime tourist destinations in the U.S. and the Caribbean. You can sell your Festiva resorts timeshares at a fair market price due to the goodwill enjoyed by the company. Consider the following suggestions before you go ahead with your offer to sell. 

Exotic Resort Destinations  

The key selling point to present before prospective buyers of Festiva resorts timeshare should be the finest vacation hotspots where the resorts are located within the United States. There are 24 exclusive resorts owned by the company in locations such as Mashpee, Branson, Charleston, Hilton Head, New Orleans, Orlando, North Myrtle Beach and Gatlinburg. The buyer of a Festiva timeshare also gets access to cruise vacations, with the company having its exclusive cruise clubs in exotic Caribbean destinations such as Nassau in Bahamas. The resorts are ideal for families, groups as well as business travelers. Each resort is provided with a variety of on-site amenities to ensure there is something special for every kind of guest. 

Membership Benefits 

When you are selling timeshares of Festiva resorts, you should inform the prospective buyer about the various membership privileges that will be transferred to the buyer upon sale. Whenever you make a travel purchase with the company, you earn Platinum Reward points that can be redeemed at any point of time in the future. These rewards points do not expire, so you can save them or collect them as long as you want. The company has a very proactive customer service department that will help the timeshare owner in planning their vacations and helping with travel and sight-seeing arrangements as required. You should suggest the prospective buyer of your timeshare visit the official website of the company for an interactive vacation guide that will provide him with a glimpse of all the amazing vacation opportunities and benefits that come with this membership. 

Check with Festiva Management for Timeshare Buyback 

Before you check out the resale market to sell your Festiva timeshare, you should check with the company if they have any ongoing buyback program. If they offer you any deal, keep a note of their best pricing and compare with other discounted offers in the open market. Sometimes you may get a better price in the open resale market compared to the company's buyback price. So choose the best deal in your interest to maximize the value of your resale. 

Advertise on Timeshare Trading Websites 

One of the best options to sell your Festiva timeshare is to post your ads at a few good timeshare trading websites. These sites cater exclusively to timeshare buyers and sellers so you can expect seriously interested people to visit these sites. Some sites may charge you a small fee to post your ad, while some others may place your ad for free. You may also consider larger websites such as eBay or Craigslist. eBay has a separate section for timeshare buyers and sellers, and they charge an upfront fee to put up your ad.