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How to Sell Aviawest Resort Club Timeshares

Aviawest resort club is a respected name in the timeshare industry. The company was established in 1990 and since then has consistently grown and expanded to six exclusive resorts at some of the finest British Columbia destinations. Additionally, the company is affiliated with RCI, which gives convenient access to the timeshare owners to exchange among 4,000 timeshare resorts worldwide through the RCI exchange network. If you are looking sell your Aviawest resort club timeshare in the resale market, consider a few suggestions to make a successful sale. 

Promote the Multiple Ownership Options 

When you are selling timeshares of Aviawest resorts, inform the prospective buyer about the multiple ownership options provided by the company. For instance, if you have a vacation ownership of a timeshare unit you intend to sell, let the buyer know that it is possible to upgrade the membership to fractional ownership and even whole ownership. This flexibility is a great advantage from an investment perspective in the long run. The timeshare units at the resort are deeded properties, and not just RTU agreements. So the buyer has the advantage of enjoying the ownership in perpetuity with an Aviawest timeshare. 

Attractive Referral Program  

Some prospective buyers may be interested in your offer when you inform about the lucrative referral program offered to timeshare owners by the company. When you invite your friends to attend a timeshare presentation, the resort will provide them with a free two-night/three-day stay. As a reward for referring your friends, you will also receive a complimentary stay at the resort. If one of your friends makes a timeshare purchase with your referral, you will get 20,000 bonus points from the company. This is an incentive that may add to the interest of a few prospective buyers in your resale offer. These bonus points can be used same as the normal points. You can enjoy a vacation at any of the club resorts with these points and even save them for next year.

Check with the Resort Management for Buyback 

Before you advertise Aviawest timeshare resale offers in the open market, you may wish to check whether the company has a buyback program running at that moment. Sometimes the company may take your unit details and forward your offer to interested buyers who are looking for a discounted purchase in the resale market. You may also check with the resort management to refer any good timeshare broker who may be affiliated with the resort to help the timeshare owners in buying and selling in the resale market. 

Place Online Ads for your Timeshare Resale 

Once you have collected some market information about the prevailing prices in resale, decide on a competitive target selling price and advertise your sale on the market. The cheapest and most effective way to sell is to place online ads at a few good timeshare trading websites. These are exclusive websites that deal only in timeshare buying, selling, rentals and exchange. You have a better chance of finding a serious potential buyer at such websites. You may also opt for print classified ads in travel and timeshare industry journals. Some timeshare sellers also advertise their offers at Craigslist and eBay. Ebay has separate sections for timeshare properties, and it charges a small fee to place your sales ad online.