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Selling Orlando Timeshares: Can You Make a Profit?

Orlando timeshares have pros and cons to selling them:


  • constant market demand as snow birds fly south for the winter
  • increasing demand from retiring baby boomers
  • solid reputation for safety and entertainment
  • large number of amusement parks, golf courses and water parks, ensuring regular traffic


  • over saturated
  • more and more timeshares created every year, further saturating the market
  • too many timeshare scams from Florida have sullied the industry
  • huge gaps in quality making buyers unsure and renters doubtful
  • rising maintenance fees due to hurricanes, increasing wages and rising property values

Other things to consider about whether or not you can make a profit selling timeshares in Orlando resorts are:


Location in Florida is paramount. The closer you are in proximity to Disney, Seaworld, Golf courses, the ocean, and other entertainment sources, are going to increase the value of your property.


The amenities located on your property are going to make a huge difference in the fair market value. If you have pools, gyms, saunas, restaurants, convenience stores, game rooms, transportation, sports, etc, this is going to increase the value and ensure that you turn a profit when selling the property.


Florida is the oldest timeshare market on the planet and recent updates to the resort to upgrade amenities, furniture, lobbies, etc, will greatly increase the value of your property. If there hasn't been an upgrade to the facilities in the past 5-10 years then ask whether there are any planned in the near future. If there are some planned, you may want to wait until these are completed as it will help you turn a profit. You can rent your timeshare in the meantime if you want to make some money. If there are no upgrades in the works, and your property looks outdated, then you have every right as an owner paying maintenance fees to petition the board to make some upgrades. Look into what you can do to facilitate some changes.


The quality of your resort is going to determine profitability. As stated in the cons about Orlando timeshare, the difference in quality varies greatly and you have some stiff competition. Generally, quality is measured through the luxury, service, upgrades and value for the money.

Brand Recognition:

If you own a brand name resort, then this will help increase profitability as brand recognition goes far in this business. If the resort is a household name, this will ensure continued value and a good investment. If it is not a brand name then be sure to stress the other benefits.

Maintenance Fees:

The amount of your maintenance fees and the yearly increases can either be a selling feature or a detraction, compared to how they line up against similar properties. Unfortunately, Florida has some of the more expensive maintenance rates in the continental United States.

So whether or not you can profit selling your Orlando timeshare is going to depend on many factors. You will want to get an appraisal done on the property and compare the prices of similar properties and maintenance fees. If you ask a reseller they will answer the profitability question, and can outline whether selling or renting may be more profitable in your specific case.