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How to Sell Westgate Timeshare Rentals

This article is a discussion on the process to sell Westgate timeshare properties. Westgate timeshare resorts are located in several states, including Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia. If you are the owner of Westgate timeshare rental you can follow the process described below in order to sell your rental.

1. List Your Westgate Timeshare Resort Rental

The first step in the process of selling your Westgate timeshare rental is to list the property for sale. The link attached to the Westgate timeshare resorts keyword that appears in this article will take you to a listing service that will help you go through the exact process necessary to provide potential buyers with information about your property.

Click on the link and look at the home page that is presented. Here you should see information for the 3 listing options available in order to sell your timeshare rental.

2. Listing Option #1

The first listing option is a free listing service that does not require you to enter credit card information. Through this option you can provide information about your Westgate timeshare rental for up to 1 year to potential buyers. This is the least expensive but most passive way to provide potential buyers with information necessary to sell your timeshare rental.

You will not receive the same level of interest or hits using this method but you will not pay any upfront or back-end transaction costs or fees when using the standard listing option and you also keep all of the funds that are made as a result of the sale of your timeshare rental.

3. Listing Option #2

The second listing option provides a few additional options over the standard listing option. Choosing the featured listing option #2 will cost you $19.99 a month, $84.99 a year or $149.99 for a lifetime ad. With this fee you get to keep 100 percent of the funds that you make from the sale of your rental and do not pay any upfront or back-end transaction fees.

Users that choose this listing option receive 35 percent more exposure or interest over those who choose the standard listing option.  

4. Listing Option #3

The third listing option is available at a cost of 19 percent of the final sale price for your timeshare rental. This commission based option is the most active option available for users looking to sell their Westgate timeshare rental quickly and easily. Using this option will result in you keeping 81 percent of the final sales proceeds for your timeshare rental (100 percent less the 19 percent commission paid to the listing service). 

5. Choose the Appropriate Option

For sellers that are looking to sell a single property that they own quickly and easily, feature listing option #3 would be the best choice to use. If you are an individual who does not want to share any proceeds from the sale, standard listing option #1 may be a better choice. Option #2 is for those who have more than 1 unit to sell and need to provide information on an ongoing or regular basis.