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How to Sell Timeshare Points

Wondering how to sell timeshare property if you have a points based system? Well the sales techniques are a little different with systems that exchange points for timeshare weeks, because most people are not familiar with the system. This makes it very important to explain the system to potential buyers very thoroughly. You will want to cover the following information when you sell timeshare points systems:

How Many Points you Have:

First things first, it is critical that the potential buyer know how many points you have, and it is a good idea to tell them why you have that number of points. Does it correlate to something, perhaps a week at a home resort. Let them know why it is you purchased that amount of points, and where that quantity lies on the spectrum. If you can, let them know how they can get more points, and how much would it cost. When purchasing more points, is there a tier system? Are there any special deals available, such as two for one?

What Those Points Will Get:

Next, and possibly most important is explaining the points system and letting them know exactly what they can do with their points. If you have a novice buyer they will have no idea what 50,000 points means. Also 50,000 points with one company may be equal to 15,000 with another. When explaining what you can redeem your points for it is very important to use specific examples. For example a week at a cottage in Utah may cost only half your points, whereas a week in Hawaii may usurp two years worth of points. Let the potential buyer know if there are weekend getaways they can redeem their points for as well. If you have a redweek, you will need to explain what that means. If you have any pictures of places you have been using your points, show them to the potential buyer, and let them know how many points it used. This will show them the real timeshare value.

How To Use Them:

Thirdly, as you are dealing with a novice, you need to let them know exactly how to redeem the points. If there are multiple venues to do this detail them all. Tell them there if there is a website to use, or 1-800 number, personal concierge, etc. Let them know your favorite method and why.

Illustrate Where Points Can Be Used:

Lastly, it is vital that you put them in the picture. This is where the emotion comes into the sales cycle. Ask them a few places they would like to go and then demonstrate how they can get their with the points system they are about to purchase. Once again, if you have pictures of places you have been, that will really put them in the picture.

Selling a points system has lots of benefits, so be sure to outline all the benefits clearly, especially to novice buyers. The easiest way to do this is to remember all the great times you have had there, and then transfer that emotion onto the buyer through stories, photos and information. If you can thoroughly explain the system and make the novice buyer feel comfortable with the information, and then pull out emotions from them by putting them in the picture, then all you have to do is draw up a contract.