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How to Sell Marriott Waiohai Beach Club Timeshares

One of the top Hawaii timeshare resorts is the Marriott Waiohai Beach Club. This incredible beach resort is more than just a timeshare unit waiting for you. It is an experience all itself. Located directly on the shores of Poipu Beach, the Marriott Waiohai Beach Club offers an amazing setting for young couples and families alike. There are times when fees, the distance or life circumstances get in the way of owning this timeshare and the owner must sell. Fortunately, it is not difficult to sell a Hawaii timeshare. Here are a few things to help you sell your Hawaii timeshare quickly and for the most profit.

Sell Your Timeshare Yourself

A common misconception that people have is that selling a timeshare is much the same process as selling a home or physical property. While there are taxes involved, you can easily sell the timeshare yourself. In fact, if you want to make the most profit from your timeshare sale, you will want to definitely sell the unit on your own. Hiring an agent, or a network to sell a timeshare will mean that you must pay extra fees and commissions. 

Use the Power of Internet

When you go to sell your timeshare on your own you should have some help in the process. This is where the power of the Internet comes in to play. Because selling and trading timeshares is a popular niche there are many different websites that allow you to list your Hawaii timeshare for sale without any cost to you. There are those that do require a small membership fee, but that is very low compared to commissions you will have to pay to an agent. You can use a site like eBay or CraigsList, but will do much better with a website like Redweek or Vacation Timeshare and Rentals. Listing your timeshare for sale on these websites give you lots of freedom in how you list them, your description and price you charge for the timeshare. 

Concentrate on Amenities

When you go to fill out your description of the Marriott Waiohai Beach Club timeshare, spend some time and  concentrate heavily on the different amenities included in the resort. There are many different amenities such as pools, private lanai's, kids pools, two outdoor pools, a marketplace and even tours throughout the many different lava fields. Make sure you list everything you can to entice people to want to choose your timeshare over another in the same resort.

Have a Good Price

A big problem that many people face when they try to sell a Hawaii timeshare is that they price the unit too high. This is easy to understand why as the lush surroundings, incredible location, brilliant ocean scenery and luxurious suites all play a part. If you have a personal attachment to the timeshare, then you should not sell it unless you can remove those feelings from the equation. Research other comparable timeshares and price yours accordingly.

Remember, It Is Hawaii

Hawaii is the number one vacation destination in the world. Millions of people flock there year after year to get away from the pressures of their lives and seek out solitude among the many different resorts. To sell your Hawaii timeshare, you must also sell the benefits of Hawaii itself.