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How to Sell a Timeshare to Singles

Anyone about to sell a property on the market will surely look for tips on how to sell a timeshare quickly and effectively. Knowing your audience is key. Accordingly, selling timeshares to singles may require a slightly different approach.

1. Reclaim the Night

While traditional timeshare vacationers typically seek day activities to enjoy, most singles will be more active during nighttime hours. Some may even expect to party all night and sleep during the day. To that end, information on late-night spots including clubs, bars and restaurants will interest many single potential buyers debating a timeshare purchase. Night beach hours and other late-night events will be valuable in drumming up additional interest.

2. Nix the Kiddie Tales

If a single person has kids, he or she will likely be drawn to the family attractions and timeshares accommodating family living. Otherwise, detailed information about kiddie pools, swing sets and day care facilities holds no value. Such features are really unnecessary to the single traveler as they require payment for little or no usage.

Focus on the more adult features on the timeshare facility. A built-in wet bar or extended patio would be of great interest to someone looking to entertain while on vacation. Offerings such as spas, snorkeling lessons, and fitness facilities provide a service most singles appreciate.

3. Tout Flexibility

Don't be discouraged if the timeshare is blacked out for spring break or the week of Christmas. A single person's availability for vacation times may not be confined to school holidays and average work schedules. So what would normally pose a hindrance could be a new market opportunity.

4. Up your Social Capital

Not surprisingly, singles not traveling with a companion will look to meet new people during vacation activities. To address this desire, mention social events in the timeshare community or area at large. Mixers and evening parties often cater to single travelers and improve the vacation experience. Highlight any events specifically tailored to the single set and share average age statistics if available. This will ease concerns about not finding any like-minded individuals in the general community.

5. Be an Ambassador

Embrace the timeshare host city and explain what makes the area a great vacation spot. Singles are interested in water sports, history, and local cuisine just as more traditional travelers are. Don't forget the basics like weather and culture in describing the area's best features. Consider yourself a virtual Chamber of Commerce member and give your timeshare an edge over other properties.

6. Network

Word of mouth still works, as does word of Internet. Singles are usually tapped into social media and may be more likely to respond to links and blurbs that come across their routine list of websites to visit. Still, in this techie society, don't discount the benefit of regular old conversation. Many singles are just recently warming to the idea of traveling alone and the idea of purchasing a timeshare may not be on the radar.