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How to Sell a Grandview at Las Vegas Timeshare

The Grandview at Las Vegas has surely offered you many great times that you have shared with your friends and family, but at some point you may decide to sell it. To sell Vegas timeshare is not hard, simply follow these seven steps:

  1. First, have an appraisal done on the property to find out the current fair market value. This dollar value may not be what you were expecting, as you probably paid significantly more than that when you purchased. Once you have this completed you can arrive at a fair amount to price the unit.

  2. The next step is to decide how you want to sell it. You have two options here: to use a timeshare resales specialist, or to do it yourself. If you choose the specialist, then you needn't do anymore, simply sit back, relax and wait for the unit to sell. If you decide to do it yourself continue to step 3.

  3. So you have decided to try and sell the property yourself, in order to save on commission fees. What you have to do now is create an attractive ad for your property. On the ad you need to include pictures (as the Grandview photographs very well), a description of the amenities, program specific information and asking price. When creating a description of the property, be sure to include all the amenities: spacious one or two bedroom suite, full kitchen (with full size fridge, microwave, blender, dishwasher, range, coffee maker, toaster, ice maker, etc), washer and dryer, entertainment center in suite (36" TV, DVD player, and stereo), walk in showers and jacuzzi tubs, fitness room, 24 hour concierge, internet access, 24 hour security, pools, spa, barbecue, game room, snack bar and picnic area. Also include the nearby attractions: casinos, the Lion Habitat, MGM Grand, shows, entertainment, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.

  4. Now you need to market the advertisement. You will want to take a multi-faceted approach and include all types of marketing: Internet (Craigslist, local online community sites, and timeshare forums), offline marketing (community boards, grocery stores and work place), and word of mouth marketing (speak to family, friends and coworkers).

  5. Once you have a potential buyer you may need to court them a little. If possible and when necessary, allow them to use the property for a few days first.

  6. When they are ready to buy, hire a legal representative to create a sales contract and then finalize the entire legal process.

  7. It is a good idea to follow up on the sale with a thank you note or phone call, to ensure they are not having any doubts. This is important because most states have a legal period of rescission in which the buyers can cancel. This period generally lasts from five to seven days.

If you follow the above seven steps, you will sell your Vegas timeshare quickly, efficiently and for a fair market value.