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How Do I Know If I Have a Right-to-use or a Deeded Timeshare Property?

Before you set out to offer your Hill Country Resort timeshare in the resale market, you should ensure the exact terms and conditions of your timeshare ownership. If a prospective buyer asks for the details, you should be in a position to reply promptly and accurately. So take out your original timeshare documents and check whether it is a Right-to-use agreement or a deeded property. If it is an RTU agreement, you should evaluate how many years still remain before the agreement expires, because the price will be determined accordingly. You should be aware that a deeded timeshare property gives you full ownership rights for life, which can be transferred or bequeathed to other beneficiaries also. However, a Right-to-use agreement gives you only temporary rights to use the timeshare until the expiry date stipulated in the agreement.