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Four Reasons Why Williamsburg Plantation Timeshares Sell

Williamsburg Plantation is a travel destination of choice for many whether it be prime-time or off-season. The Williamsburg timeshare has several great attributes that will appeal to a potential buyer. The following are some of the top reasons to purchase and visit Williamsburg Plantation that you can feature when you sell Williamsburg timeshare Weeks.

History Infused Location

Seated in beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia, the traveler who enjoys experiencing historical wonders will be enthralled with the location. It's the perfect site for those with family and those who want to know the character of some of America's most respected founders. Not only is Williamsburg Plantation close to the largest living museum featuring actors keeping in character as those who lived during revolutionary times, it's just a short trip to Washington, DC as well. The resort offers day trips to the Capitol where you can visit several highlights of the city. Jamestown Village, the first successful English settlement is nearby as well. You can take in its seventeenth century atmosphere and experience life for both the settlers and the Powhatan Natives with whom they interacted. Yorktown Battlefield is close to the Williamsburg timeshare. You can see the battlefield on which America's freedom was won.

Other Amusements

Williamsburg Plantation is close to both Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. Busch Gardens offers award-winning shows, thrilling rides and children's amusements such as Sesame Street Forrest of Fun. Come off-season and enjoy Christmas town from Thanksgiving through the end of the year. Water Country USA features a lazy river and a 9,000 square foot pool. Considered the largest water park in the Mid-Atlantic region, there is plenty to do for those who enjoy the fun and the sun of such an exciting get-a-way.

The Amenities

Williamsburg Plantation offers large rooms which sleep six and can be locked off if you choose to rent out or utilize the second half of your unit for another couple. Leave it open and it's the perfect set up for a full size family up for a vacation adventure. There's even some kitchen space available so you can take a break and eat in if you so choose. Also available is a large indoor pool and an outdoor pool: necessary attributes for any travel with family. Children will enjoy an enclosed playground, while the whole family can take advantage of volleyball, tennis courts, golf and racquetball. A nature trail allows the traveler to experience the natural splendor of the area. Enjoy the clubhouse styled to invoke thoughts of Thomas Jefferson's beautiful home (Monticello). Follow up a day of activity with an enchanting dinner and an evening in the hot tub. With all these activities the visitor doesn't need to ever leave the resort.

In the Opinion of its Guests and Owners

Known for its hospitality, Southern style, Williamsburg Plantation received an average of four out of five stars from those who rated it. Both owners and guests have been satisfied with both the classical brick buildings as well as the newer developments. Buyers will enjoy having a choice between the old and the new in such a historic setting.