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How the Monarch Grand Vacations Timeshare Program Works

The Monarch Grand Vacations Timeshare Program is one of the more prestigious vacation ownership options in the world today. With over 50,000 families included in this program, there is plenty of reasons why you should look at Monarch Grand timeshares as a vacation option. If you do not know how this program works, here is some information to help you. 

Monarch Resorts 

There are several exclusive Monarch Grand Resorts that you can choose from for your vacation ownership. They are located in several California locations, Utah, Mexico, Nevada, and Lake Tahoe. With this type of diversity, you can easily find the resort location that is right for you. If you want to play golf, go skiing, enjoy lake-side living, or want to swim in crystal-clear ocean waters, the Monarch Vacation program has the place for you.

Try Before Buy

Monarch Grand Vacations does allow for their potential owners to try out their resorts for a few nights in order to see if they enjoy their stay. Of course, there will be a required appearance at a sales presentation where they will be able to talk to you more about the resort, and the timeshare program. 

Two Purchase Options

The Monarch Grand Vacations program has two unique purchase options for owners. They offer a yearly purchase option for their timeshares. This means that the owner has use each year of the resort. There is also an every-other-year option. This option is for those who are not able to take major vacations each year and only have access to their timeshare on odd, or even years. 

Points-Based System

When you purchase your Monarch Grand timeshare you are actually buying points. The number of points that you originally purchase will determine the size of your suite, and the actual time that you can use it. The more points that you have, the more options are open to you. These points are given every two years to be used within that 24-month period. 

Any Resort

One of the valuable aspects of purchasing the points instead of an actual resort is that each year owners can choose the resort at which they want to stay. They are not locked into a specific place, or even a specific time. However, it is important to realize that the number of points you have will limit your choices. 

Extra Time Available

Monarch Grand Vacations offers owners what is called the Monarch Escape Time. This is something that is extra and above your current vacation ownership package. If you need more time away, you can purchase this extra time at owner-preferred rates. They can be done at short notice and for any Monarch Grand Vacation resort. 

Points Are Not Rolled Over

Unlike many of the other timeshare networks, the points that you purchase with your Monarch Grand ownership are not rolled over for future use. Since the points are awarded every two years, the company feels that you can use them at your leisure during that time. 

Exchange Program

This does not mean that you can not exchange the points for other locations. When you renew your timeshare each year, you can then bank your points into an exchange network in order to trade with another timeshare owner at a different location around the world.