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What Should I Expect on a Promotional Timeshare Tour of the Berkshires?

Vacation Village at Berkshires organizes promotional timeshare tours from time to time. If you wish to enroll for this promotional tour, you will be invited for a free stay for up to 2 nights at Patriot Suites hotel in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, along with a free tour of the Vacation Village in the Berkshires. Some promotions may also include a $100 complimentary Visa card for the visitor. The promotional tour will most likely include a 90-minute sales presentation about the timeshare. However, it is not binding on the visitor to buy a timeshare with this promotional tour. If existing members of the resort send a referral, they can receive 5,000 reward points along with a free 2-night stay at Patriot Suites hotel. For more info, see Mountain Run at Boyne Mountain Timeshare Rental Guide