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Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare Rental Information

The aloha spirit will welcome you to Marriot Maui Ocean Club Hawaii timeshares if you elect to rent one of the available villas at this resort. The landscape surrounding the Hawaii timeshares is serene with soft sand, clear blue water, and rainforests. It is easy to see why many people will purchase Hawaii timeshares, but you might have questions if you are considering renting Hawaii timeshares and which club you should choose. If you want to rent Hawaii timeshares you need to know what the resort offers, activities nearby, and what it might cost to rent Hawaii timeshares. We will focus on the Marriott Maui Ocean Club to provide you details on why you want to rent from Marriott.

Location & Facilities

When you rent Hawaii timeshares from Marriott Maui Ocean Club you are given a suite or villa with numerous conveniences and plenty of space for a family of 4 or 8. Many of the rooms provide a view of the island with private lanais and a gourmet cooking center. As part of the villa you have a living space, dining space, and bedrooms to separate the sleeping areas from the resting areas. There is a choice of 1-bedroom/2-bath or 2-bedroom/3-bath suites. The smaller accommodations are 800 square feet sleeping up to 4 people. The 2-bedroom suites offer 1300 square feet and can sleep up to 8. Each villa has a sink, microwave, bar-size fridge, and dishwasher, as well as laundry facilities. Televisions, a DVD player, and internet access are also provided. 


The villa or suite amenities are part of the draw to Marriott Maui Ocean Club Hawaii timeshares. Their resort amenities also bring visitors to their rentals. The club allows for golfing at one of the two championship golf courses. The club is located a few steps away from Kaanapali Beach, with a .5 mile stroll along the BeachWalk to Whalers Village. The village offers shopping and top restaurants. The Marriott Maui Ocean Club provides 3 pools and a 3.5-acre super pool with slides, waterfalls, and grottos for lounging around. Children can play on a pirate ship and the waterslides, or even enjoy water sports. Marriott Maui Ocean Club offers beach and water sport rentals for those who wish to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. Tennis courts are also available for recreational fun.

Marriott Maui Ocean Club has numerous amenities to attract you even if you want to rent Hawaii timeshares instead of owning one. Its location to island attractions and its community feel for families is just part of the reason you might want to choose this club. The club can also accommodate singles, men and women, who want nightlife instead of family night. To own a Marriott Maui Ocean Club Hawaii timeshare requires $24,000 to $103,000. For those wishing to rent Hawaii timeshares you would be paying around $250 to $500 per night based on the timeshare you have chosen. For a week in Hawaii with these amenities it is hard to get a better price.