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A Guide to Renting Royal Sands Timeshares

The Royal Sands is a resort in Cancun, Mexico that is a popular destination for many vacationers who want to experience tropical living. These Cancun timeshares are always full with people who own them, or who have rented one of the suites for the week. Renting a timeshare is a great way to experience resort living without actually having to pay the large investment of the property. If you are looking to experience Cancun, Mexico through a timeshare, here is a handy guide for helping you rent one instead of buying it.

Renting before You Buy

Many people will actually rent a timeshare before they pay out the money to buy one. This is a very good way to get to know the area, know the resort, and experience the pros and cons for yourself. You may be interested in going to an exotic location for your vacations, so rent Cancun timeshares before you make the decision to buy it.

Check Out Timeshare Companies

There are several different timeshare vacation clubs that have properties in the many resorts around the world. The Royal Sands resort is no exception. Check to see which vacation clubs own properties in the resort and contact them about any rentals they have. 

Check Timeshare Exchange Networks

Websites like, and, will have listings from thousands of different timeshare owners that are looking for people to rent their property. They will have everything listed on their specific rental including all the amenities, location, dates available, and the price. When you are thinking about renting Cancun timeshares, this is a very good way to do it. Timeshare owners will generally rent their timeshare to be able to preserve it for future use, or because they could not make it that year. The prices will still be much lower than a normal stay at the resort.

Confirm Rental Agreement

Once you have found a Royal Sands rental, you should always confirm it not only with the person who you are renting it from, but also with the resort itself. They will know who is staying in their resort and the times that they have the timeshare available to them. Confirm your dates with what they have so you have a worry free vacation.

Pay Deposit

After everything is confirmed and you know that you are going to be able to rent the timeshare in Cancun, place a deposit down for the rental. Most owners will require the full cost before you take possession, but a deposit will secure it for you. 

Get Paperwork Ready

Since the Royal Sands is in Mexico, you will need to have your passports, and travel documents, ready for the trip. Have all of this taken care of before you make the rental agreement. 

Buy Groceries There

The Royal Sands resort has full kitchens in their suites. This means that you can save hundreds of dollars by simply eating some of your meals in the room itself. Do not try and travel with food in your luggage. Enjoy some of the local food and check out the markets to stock your kitchen. Make sure that you use everything however, so that nothing is left for the next occupant.