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Westgate Town Center Timeshare Trading Guide

The Westgate Town Center is a Kissimmee timeshare property in central Florida, located only minutes from Disney. The Disney area not only offers Disney branded parks but a hundred even closer entertainment attractions. Year after year your family will be thoroughly entertained here, both on and off the resort. After you have visited the many attractions in the area, and you want to experience something new and exciting you will want to trade Kissimmee timeshare for a new destination. To do this follow the easy process below and you will be able to take your family someplace different but still using your timeshare investment:

  1. Your first step is to setup an account with their affiliated timeshare exchange company. The Westgate Town Center resort uses the popular exchange company Interval International. To setup an account, if you have not previously done so when you purchased the timeshare, either call the company directly to speak with one of their friendly customer service representatives or by logging onto their website
  2. Once you have setup an account, you need to deposit your week. You can do this either by phone or on their website by clicking the prompts after signing in.
  3. When your week is deposited, you then have to decide where you and your family want to go. If you do not have any ideas, just browse their user-friendly website for a list of possible vacation destinations. You can search either by country and location, or use their advanced search function to find a specific resort or the amenities that you prefer.
  4. Once you find the resort that you want to take your loved ones to, make a request for the resort. To ensure that you get something that you really want, consider making numerous requests through the system for different properties. This is a good idea because the first one you choose may or may not be available. As you are exchanging a highly-rated Interval timeshare, you should receive a positive response from one of the first few choices that you make. It is recommended to choose a resort similarly rated to yours to get a fair trade.
  5. After your requests have been submitted, you can review their status by logging onto their website. Should your request not be approved then just choose another property and make another request.
  6. Once one of your requests has been approved, print a copy of the confirmation to bring to the destination with you.
  7. When your reservation is complete you will want to search for any available travel discounts through Interval in the area. If you will require airfare to get there, Interval offers airfare discounts, as well as discounts on other travel options as well.
  8. When the date creeps closer, call the resort and confirm your reservation and check-in time, just to be on the safe side.

To exchange Kissimmee timeshare should be an easy process, but if you use their online system and have difficulty, try phoning their customer service line to walk you through it.