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RCI vs RedWeek vs Interval International - What's Better?

Interval International is one of the top timeshare exchange companies in the U.S. Many people seek timeshare exchanges because of the flexibility that they offer vacationgoers. Because of the options available, Interval International is one of the best choices. They do have competition, though. RCI and RedWeek also offer exchange options worth considering. It can be difficult to determine which option is best for your needs. Below, you'll learn about the features and benefits of each of these options. This will hopefully help you to better determine which exchange company to use.


RCI offers access to over 3000 different properties all over the world, with over 35 years of experience. They are able to offer vacations at some of the top resort properties, including those owned by Disney, Holiday Inn and Wyndham. RCI is constantly coming up with new ideas to make the timeshare exchange process easier. They offer two types of membership: Weeks and Points. With a Weeks membership, you can change or cancel your vacation without penalty, give guest certificates to loved ones, extend your travel deposit as needed and have RCI search for your perfect exchange. You can also purchase additional days or weeks beyond your allotted time. The Points program allows you to combine points earned over several years for better options.


RedWeek has an exchange program that's won awards and is hugely popular for its simplicity. The program received the ACE Innovator Award in 2008 from American Resort Development Association (ARDA). RedWeek offers a unique program because guests can browse availability and pricing before even signing up. After paying the low annual membership fee, members can initiate trades. You have access to every available timeshare through RedWeek, as affiliation isn't required. There are also no surcharges for international locations. Points are awarded based on the value of your week and you can trade up or down without any worries about trading power. Guest certificates can be given to family members or friends at no extra cost.

Interval International

Interval International is one of the leading timeshare exchange companies. They offer traditional timeshare exchange, as well as getaway vacations that you don't need to exchange for. As a member, you can easily browse through thousands of listings. You have the option of depositing first or requesting first, whichever is easier for you. Special travel services and discounts not offered to the general public are offered for your use. These can include rental cars, airfare and more. A Gold level of membership entitles you to special getaway vacations, concierge service and more. Guest certificates allow you to easily bring friends along with you. Getaway vacations can be taken without having to trade your weeks with anyone. One advantage the getaways have is that you can apply guest certificates to these vacations as well.

When considering a timeshare exchange, there are many important factors to consider. While RedWeek is the most economical and offers more flexibility, all three companies have much to offer their customers.