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Marriott Kauai Beach Club Timeshare Trading Guide

The Marriott Kauai Beach Club is a Hawaii timeshare property, part of the Marriott-branded vacation club. This property is located on one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii, right on a popular beach and with plenty of amenities. Year after year this resort will provide you and your family with plenty of memorable vacations. There may come a day that you decide you would like to explore some place new though, and this means you will have to trade Hawaii timeshare for a different location. The process can be complicated at first try, but follow the easy steps below and you will breeze through it:

  1. First,  setup an account with the timeshare exchange company that Marriott has an affiliation with, Interval International. The Marriott has been using Interval International as their exchange company for years and has a great reputation with them so Marriott members are treated with extra care. If you did not setup an account when you purchased the timeshare, you will need to do so now. You can do this by either calling the company directly or by going onto their web site.
  2. Once you have set up an account with them, just deposit your week (either by phone or on the web). Because the Marriott is one of Interval's signature properties, the Marriott owners are treated very well. In addition, as you own timeshares in a most desired location, you should get exactly what you want through Interval, as they will be thrilled if you exchange year after year. Always look for one of Interval's top-rated properties to exchange with, as you are exchanging from a top destination and their best hotel brand.
  3. After your week is deposited you need to decide where it is that you want to go. Browse the user-friendly Interval International web site for a suggested list of possible vacation destinations. You can search either by country and location, or use their advanced search function to find a specific resort or amenities.
  4. When you have found the resort that you would like to take you and your loved ones to, make a request for the property. To ensure that you get something that you want, consider making numerous requests through the system for a few different properties, because the first one you choose may or may not be available. As you are exchanging a Marriott timeshare, you should receive a positive response from the first few choices that you make.
  5. You can review the status of your requests by logging into your account on their web site. If your request is not approved choose another property and make another request.
  6. Once your request has been approved, print a copy of the confirmation to bring to the destination.
  7. Next you will want to search for travel discounts through Interval in the area that you will be visiting. If you require airfare to get to your destination, Interval offers airfare discounts, and discounts on other travel options as well.
  8. When the date comes closer for your vacation, call the resort and confirm you reservation, just to be on the safe side.

To exchange Hawaii timeshare should be easy, because you own in such a desired location.