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How to Exchange an Orlando Timeshare

An Orlando timeshare is a popular type of timeshare because of the different amusement and theme parks that are close to the area. People love to take their yearly vacations in a place where it is warm, but it also has a large amount of activities to enjoy. There are those times when someone who owns a timeshare in Orlando will want to exchange it for another location, or timeshare date. If you find yourself needed, or wanting, to exchange your Orlando timeshare, here is a process you can use.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Newspaper
  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Timeshare Information

Step 1: Research a Location

Do you want to change your vacation destination? Before you list your timeshare for an exchange, take a look at some other destinations you might be interested in. Use the Internet to research different areas and read reviews about different locations. Talk it over with your family and try to choose between several different areas. 

Step 2: Look in the Newspaper

The classified section of your newspaper will have some listings about available timeshares that are listed with local timeshare networks. Contact these places and talk about your timeshare that is currently in Orlando and what they might have to offer. They can list your exchange within their network and their system so that you get much larger exposure.

Step 3: Contact Your Timeshare Network

If you have your timeshare through a network, or resort chain, you will need to contact them about your desire in wanting to exchange your timeshare in Orlando for another location. They will then be able to list it within the network. During this time, you can also find out any other timeshares that are available to you for your particular week. 

Step 4: Log into Account

If you have an account with one of the online timeshare networks, you have the opportunity to list your own exchange yourself. You will need to go to the website and log in using your personal username and password. 

Step 5: List Your Timeshare

Most of the online networks have a vast database where you can list your timeshare as an exchange, to rent, or to sell outright. List the information about your timeshare, including costs and week, or weeks available. This is done through an online form where you submit your information into query boxes. 

Step 6: Pay Fees Associated

When exchanging your timeshare, there are fees associated with this process. They can range from $200 to $500 depending on the actual timeshare. This will have to be paid in order for the exchange to take place.

Step 7: Approve Results

You will begin to receive results of your exchange listing through email. Stay on top of this as people may change their mind if another timeshare in Orlando becomes available. Answer these emails and confirm their information. If the dates match up, you like the new resort location, and the price is feasible, then approve of the exchange.

Step 8: Enjoy New Vacation Spot

After the exchange is approved, and the ownership papers have been transferred, you can then make plans to enjoy your new vacation destination. Reconfirm the details of your new timeshare and make plans accordingly.