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How to Exchange a San Francisco Timeshare

Thinking of exchanging your San Francisco timeshare? The critical key to success is making sure your potential exchange partner is well aware of the many attractions to expect from the location of San Francisco timeshares. Here, we give you some ideas on how to exchange a San Francisco timeshare by highlighting the San Francisco destination. We also include a few tips to trade San Francisco timeshares to your advantage. 

San Francisco - A Unique World City 

Everybody has heard of San Francisco. Few are aware of just how incredible this unique city is unless they have actually visited it. In many ways it is the most "European" of the great American cities while paradoxically being quintessentially American and completely different all at the same time. Add in the many attractions just a short journey away and you have a timeshare exchange destination that will net you great value. Here is a selection of what to focus on: 

  • San Francisco Itself
    The sheer beauty of San Francisco, the strange rumbling sounds of the cable cars, the very steepness of its myriad hills, the constant sunshine, the unique layout of its streets, Lombard Street ("The crookedest street in the world"), the spectacular views of Alcatraz and the Bay, the diverse Asian influence with crazy Chinatown and all manner of restaurants make just being in San Francisco a delight every minute.
  • Alcatraz Island
    The boat trip itself offers spectacular views; once arrived you are transfixed by the dichotomy of the beautiful location and the anguish that Al Capone and America's worst criminals must have experienced here. The prison tour is a must to find out about the subtle punishment of being so near yet so far that the New Year revelries from the Yacht Club were clearly audible while languishing in the cells.
  • Fisherman's Warf
    Still the most popular tourist destination, Fisherman's Warf offers sea lions basking in the sun, a plethora of restaurants and diverse attractions.
  • Golden Gate Bridge
    Oddly, the world's most famous bridge is difficult to get to without a car. Once there make sure your exchange visitor does not miss out on Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Garden.  
  • Wine Tours
    Only 50 miles North of San Francisco is the USA's premier wine industry. Napa Valley is the most famous but other wine country tour destinations are just as interesting and may be a little more affordable.
  • Highway 1
    A drive South along State Route 1, with places like Big Sur Coast Highway, Carmel, Monterrey and Hearst Castle is well worth the time. 

Getting a Great Exchange 

Here are a few tips for maximizing the rewards of your San Francisco timeshares exchange. 

  1. Advertise wisely
    Use for world-wide visibility. Also take advantage of San Francisco's fame by advertising in non-English timeshare web sites. Germans, for example, love the USA and a German language site is a good choice.
  2. Consider using an exchange company
    If using an exchange company (e.g. RCI) check out what other San Francisco resorts are being offered and make sure yours is the most appealing.
  3. Getting a great deal
    Find out what are the peak weeks at your exchange resort, compare the sale value of these weeks to the sale value of your own timeshare and make sure you get good value for your exchange.