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How to Exchange a Las Vegas Timeshare

A highly sought after vacation idea for many people is a Las Vegas timeshare. The allure of Las Vegas, with its lights, glitz, gambling and incredible shows is something that many people live a lifetime to see. With a Las Vegas timeshare, you have a relatively inexpensive way to stay in Las Vegas with the comforts of your own home. Exchanging a Vegas timeshare is something that many people do to give them a different place to stay. Here is how you can exchange your Las Vegas timeshare.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Timeshare Agreement
  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Newspaper

Step 1: Research Different Locations

Do you have a place in mind that you would like to upgrade your current location to? There are timeshares all over the world and with the attraction of Las Vegas, you can easily find a new place to put up for the length of your stay. Before you jump into a timeshare for a different location, research that area to see if it is a place you would like to go.

Step 2: Look Through Different Timeshare Notices

No matter where you live today, you will find people who are looking to get sell, or exchange, their timeshare. These listings are available in a wide variety of places today. To exchange your timeshare, you will need to look for people who are interested in exchanging theirs. The newspapers are a good place to start. However, with today's technology, the use of online websites will give you plenty of choices from around the world to exchange your Las Vegas timeshare

Step 3: Talk with Your Timeshare Network

Many of the timeshare networks will allow you to do an in-network exchange. This is a process by which you contact the timeshare network and notify them that you are looking to do an exchange. They will then pair you up with someone else who is looking for a timeshare in that area. The network representative will take the weeks you have and use that to determine others who have the same weeks on their timeshare. 

Step 4: Check Out Membership Fees

Some exchange websites will charge you a fee to use their exchange services, even if you are already a member. Check this out to see if you could include this with your exchange and have the other party pay for it. 

Step 5: Set Up Exchange

Once you have gotten a notification of people who are interested in your Vegas timeshare, you can then proceed with actually taking possession of it. Notify the representative that you are willing to exchange your timeshare with one of the chosen pairings. 

Step 6: Set Up Travel Information

After you have made the exchange, paid your fees and booked the timeshare for the week you have had, you can then make your travel preparations. Remember that you must have a notification of the approval before making any type of plans for travel. If not, you could have some problems when you go to start your vacation and the other party shows up at the same time. Always take the time to do a final check to make sure all is finalized.