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How to Exchange a Lake Tahoe Timeshare

When exchanging your Lake Tahoe timeshare, critical for getting the best deal is to point out the many attractions of the Lake Tahoe timeshares location. The major thrust here is to outline some of what your partner in the exchange of Lake Tahoe timeshare property can expect from the area. At the end of this article you can find tips to trade Lake Tahoe timeshares to your maximum advantage.  

Lake Tahoe in the Summer 

If your timeshare is a summer week, focus attention on what a great year-round resort Lake Tahoe is: 

  • The Summer Climate
    Warm, sunny and dry - the summers at Lake Tahoe make an ideal place for any activity.
  • Hiking
    While it is perfectly fine just to lounge around by the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe itself, your exchange visitor will get the best experience by being active. The hiking trails run as high as 10,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada, offering great mountain vistas and an astonishing wildlife experience.
  • Golf
    The many championship and executive courses offer a unique Lake Tahoe golfing experience. Carved out of glacial valleys, built along the lake or crafted between numerous trees each course offers a distinctive challenge amid special scenery.
  • Summer Events
    Check out the summer events during which your week falls. From biking events, music festivals and even a Shakespeare festival there is much to appeal to your exchange partner.
  • Proximity to San Francisco
    Just a 3-hour drive away, your international exchange partner might want to take advantage of the unique experience San Francisco has to offer.   

Lake Tahoe in the Winter

The stark contrasts to a typical European winter resort experience make the Lake Tahoe winter trade ideal for a European: 

  • The Winter Climate
    In spite of plentiful snowfall (average 400 inches), Lake Tahoe boasts plentiful sunshine - in contrast to Europe - that will take the chill out of winter days and highlight the panoramas in clear visibility.
  • Skiing
    Lake Tahoe offers a greater variety of ski slopes than any other American destination. The snow quality (powder, not heavy and wet) and overall experience is very different from the typical European ski resort experience.
  • Other Winter Activities
    European ski resorts offer skiing, apr├Ęs-ski and little else. Point out the many activities for non-skiers such as guided snow mobile tours, dog sledding, sleigh rides and more.

Getting a Great Exchange

Although well known in the USA, Lake Tahoe is more off the beaten track for Europeans. That can work to your advantage. By pointing out the powerful differences to the European experience (as outlined above) you will be able to make a great trade. Here are some tips: 

  1. Advertise wisely
    Use for world-wide visibility. You might want to advertise in European timeshare sites as well.  
  2. Consider using an exchange company
    If using an exchange company (e.g. RCI) check out what other Lake Tahoe resorts are being offered and make sure yours is the most appealing.
  3. Getting a great deal
    You can use the appeal of either your winter week or your summer week to trade for a peek week elsewhere. Find out the straight sale values of your week and the week you are trading for and make sure yours is lower for a great deal.