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How to Exchange a Fort Lauderdale Timeshare

So you are thinking of exchanging your Fort Lauderdale timeshare. Guess what? The best way to exchange a Fort Lauderdale timeshare - and get a great exchange - is that old real estate maxim about location. Promote Fort Lauderdale timeshares  exactly as if you were selling, by focusing on the excellence of Fort Lauderdale as a timeshare destination. Look right here in this article for ideas about promoting your Fort Lauderdale location as well as some general advice as to how to trade Fort Lauderdale timeshares

Fort Lauderdale - The Timeshare Destination 

When people contact you to consider a trade, take a "Fort Lauderdale is the greatest timeshare destination since sliced bread" attitude. Be ultra enthusiastic about everything you can do in and around Fort Lauderdale. 

  • Beaches
    Famed as the original spring break destination, the "Where The Boys Are" beach has undergone a considerable face lift since the early heady days and is now a more rounded attraction. There are also many beaches with a family orientation and many offering physical exercise (biking, jogging or just a brisk walk).
  • Metro Attractions
    The Fort Lauderdale metro area offers numerous attractions. Some good examples are Flamingo Gardens (a wonderful wild life sanctuary), an antique car museum and many other museums, Butterfly World (one of the most diverse butterfly experience vistas anywhere), swimming and fishing halls of fame,  the famous Las Olas Boulevard, the downtown river walk and many more.
  • Day Cruises to the Bahamas
    There are a variety of options to choose from.
  • The Everglades
    The distinctive airboats take you on a trip through the Everglades. The Everglades Holiday Park offers alligator wrestling as well.
  • Shopping and Dining
    From trendy boutiques and Restaurants in Las Olas to distinctive shopping and dining at Sawgrass Mills mall Fort Lauderdale offers an array of options for any taste. 

Getting a Great Exchange 

Follow the process outlined here to make sure you get the very best Fort Lauderdale timeshares exchange. 

  1. Advertise Wisely
    To get the maximum number of people interested in an exchange of Fort Lauderdale timeshare you cannot go wrong with using, which has a huge world-wide outreach. As Fort Lauderdale is extremely well-known outside of the USA it might be worth considering using a non English timeshare website as well such as a German language web site. Many Germans love the USA in general and Florida in particular. If Germany is an exchange destination you are interested in the chances of success are very high.
  2. Consider Using an Exchange Company
    If you use a dedicated exchange company such as RCI (Resort Condominiums International) consider if they are offering very similar Fort Lauderdale destinations to your own resort. If so make sure yours is the most appealing.
  3. Getting a Great Deal
    Do your homework. Think about what your timeshare is worth as a straight sale and compare the straight sale value of the proposed exchange. If the sale value of your exchange destination is higher than your own then you have got the deal you are looking for.