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Timeshare Exchanges: The Benefits of Floating vs. Fixed Week Options

For timeshare exchanges there are certain factors that determine the exchange power of your resort, including location, ratings and brand name.

  • Resort
    Where you own is extremely important in determining how much exchange power you have. The better the resort, the more amenities and the better the location, the more exchange power you'll have.
  • Location
    There is no better determinant of exchange power than where you own. For example, owners in Hawaii will generally have better exchange power than most owners in Nebraska. Location is paramount when it comes to timeshare exchange, and the top destinations are Disney, Hawaii, Caribbean and Central Europe.
  • Ratings
    The rating of the hotel through worldwide designations and through consumer reviews is powerful. If the resort has bad reviews and nobody wants to go there, then your exchange value will plummet.
  • Brand
    The brand you own will largely help determine your exchange power. The top brands to own are the Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton.

Those factors are important when determining your timeshares exchange power. Another factor is whether you own a fixed or a floating week. Owning either a fixed or floating week can be a benefit, but if depends on what specifically you own.

Fixed Week Ownership

A fixed week can be a positive or a negative feature. This all depends on that week you own. The best week to own a fixed week is a holiday week: Christmas, New Years and Easter. The reason Christmas, New Years and Easter are so important is because these holidays are when families with young children can vacation because they fall during school breaks. Another high time is Spring Break, usually in March. Other than holiday seasons, high seasons are most desirable--for example, ski season for ski resorts, warm season for beach resorts. If you own a low season week, such as summer at a ski resort or winter at a summer destination, then your exchange value will be low.

Floating Week Ownership

There are benefits to owning a floating week, namely, that it is more flexible. Floating weeks can be used year-round, which gives your exchange company more power on when to use your week. The downside to owning a floating week is that often you cannot get the high season weeks, as they are usually taken by early bookers and fixed week owners.

Your exchange power depends on many things, if you own a fixed week it needs to be high season, if you own a floating week it needs to be at a resort that does not have fixed week owners taking up all the good weeks. In addition where you own, what brand you own, your resort, and the resort ratings will make a difference as well.