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Comparing Exchange Companies: Interval International vs RCI Client Benefits

As a timeshare owner, it is useful to compare RCI client benefits to the benefits with Interval International before you take up the membership of either company. Both RCI and Interval International are the world’s leading timeshare exchange companies. By listing your timeshare with such companies you get a much wider range of timeshare options around the world for a vacation in exchange for your timeshare. In addition to comparing the benefits offered by both companies to their members, you should also check out the membership fee and processing charges of exchange before you join any of them. 

Benefits of Joining Interval International  

Interval International is one of the leading timeshare exchange companies in the world, having an affiliation with over 2,500 resorts worldwide. All the resorts are required to comply with the minimum quality standards defined by Interval International. The company not only allows you to exchange your week, but also lets you deposit your vacation week if wish to you use it at a future date for exchange. You also get access to heavily discounted resort accommodations if you are not interested in exchanging your timeshare. With an Interval Gold membership you get a variety of special discounts throughout the year and also opportunities for weekend stay exchanges, discounts on getaways and Gold Concierge facilities. 

The membership of Interval International also gives you the option of buying Guest Certificates which you may pass on to your family members or friends so that they can also avail of your timeshare exchange facility. You also get access to the company’s exclusive resort directory where you can easily view the entire network of resorts and choose the destinations that appeal the most to you. The membership also gives you the benefit of Interval Travel which assists you in arranging your travel by air, car rentals, hotel bookings and cruise trips. You also receive special discounts which are available exclusively to the members of Interval International. 

Benefits of Joining RCI 

A membership of RCI gives you access to more than 4,000 resorts worldwide, which makes it the largest timeshare exchange company in the world. RCI Week membership offers you special vacation protection, which means that in the unforeseen situation of cancellation of your vacation, you still retain your exchange option and your exchange processing fee is also credited towards your future exchange usage. Similarly, if you wish to change your exchange destination after having confirmed it, you get the flexibility to do so. You are allowed to gift your vacation week to your family or friends by way of Guest Certificates. 

An RCI Points membership gives the timeshare owner the extended benefits of borrowing, saving, extending or renting your exchange points. This is the best flexibility program which even allows you to rent out your surplus points and gain more points in the process for a future vacation. This membership even allows the members access to extra vacation getaways at low prices if they have exhausted their RCI points or want to reserve their points for future use. In a nutshell, both RCI and Interval International offer competitive benefits to their members and excellent exchange options for new and unique vacations year after year.