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4 Reasons to Use a Timeshare Exchange Company

Timeshare exchange can be a top reason for purchasing resort vacation weeks. A buyer may not realize that in order to trade timeshare, a timeshare exchange company is instrumental. It's not that it can't be done without one, it's just easier to have the convenience of a network to facilitate the process. The following are some ways that a timeshare exchange company can better your resort vacation experience.

Having Access to Other Vacation Resort Properties

An exchange network allows you to pick from an overwhelmingly large number of resort-style vacation units. If you try to trade timeshare weeks on your own, you limit who you can do business with to people, who like you, are looking to exchange on their own. Further, you're the one who does the legwork. You place the advertisement, you offer your week and you find a person with a week and location that you're interested in. It can be harder than you think. Within the network, you can trade your week in April at the beach for December in the mountains even though the person whose using your unit is trading one that they own in the city. By offering your unit for exchange you have a shot to utilize one of many of the other timeshares being exchanged.

You Have a Captive Audience

By using a timeshare exchange company, you're offering your exchange to a large number of other members who are looking for a place to vacation which is similar to yours. These folks know the quality of your timeshare resort and know the type of value a holiday at a location such as yours has to offer because they're timeshare owners as well. The odds of making a successful exchange is greatly increased.


If you trade within your resort's designated timeshare network and the person who stays in your unit causes damage, it's on them, not you. If you rent it out on your own, you're responsible and have to find a way to be remedied. Having the exchange network go to bat for you, eliminates a major worry.

The Ease of it All

When you're working with a timeshare exchange company, they do the work. What you do is the fun stuff. Look through their list of resorts and let them know where and when you want to go. Most networks even allow you to give a list of priorities so if for some reason, your first choice isn't available you have other viable options that you know you'll enjoy. Further, you tell the exchange company that your week is available. They take it from there. You bought your timeshare vacation week so that you can have the benefit of owning a vacation property without all the work, probably in part because you don't have the time to spend dealing with the details of taking care of another thing. Let them do the work of expediting your exchange as well. You tell them that you want to exchange, where and when you want to go and let them tell you when your plans are complete. The network offers to make your timeshare an easier, more fulfilling experience and is worth taking advantage of the benefits it offers.