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Why Get a Lodge Timeshare?

Timeshares have been around since the 1960s starting in Europe and moving to the United States and other countries, which makes a lodge timeshare more original than the plethora of condos that exist today. In the 60s the French Alps were targeted by Hapimag as a place for a resort in which visitors could "buy" into the hotel. This success is one of the major reasons we have lodge timeshares in the United States. The first timeshares became popular in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, which several lodge style resorts, condos, and homes used for the timeshare business. Since then lodge timeshares have spread to places such as Montana, where mountains demand a more rustic appearance. 

The history of timeshares is important to know so that you understand the progression of them throughout the US, as well as why you might want to own a lodge timeshare as opposed to some of the other options out there. It may surprise you to learn there are timeshare yachts, sailboats, condos, homes, and hotel rooms. It stands to reason there is a market for lodge timeshares in places like Gatlinburg, Montana, and Colorado. 

A lodge timeshare can be found with Red Lodge, Marriott's Lodge Timeshares, Grand Timber Lodge, and Split Rock Lodge in Lake Harmony. The lodge timeshares have similar benefits to other resorts and condos which belong in the RCI timeshare organization. RCI has over 3,700 properties all over the world including lodge timeshares for those who are already a part of the RCI network. 

Some of the benefits include a pool, full-service spa, hot tub, golf, skiing, and full kitchens. Consider for a moment Grand Timber Lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado. It offers a ski-in/ski-out option, outdoor pools, hot tubs, exercise equipment, and parking. The parking is underground and heated to keep your car warm even in the cold winter days. Many of the rooms at the lodge timeshares can fit up to 6 to 8 guests with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. They are offered in spring and fall seasons, as well as the rest of the year. 

With lodge timeshares you can choose floating weeks or a specific week out of the year. The amenities and benefits are just a small part of why lodge timeshares might be of interest. There are two types of timeshares which are most popular: luxury resorts in tropical destinations and mountain retreats. Lodge timeshares in the mountains of the US and other countries provide skiers with an affordable place to stay. The resale on lodge timeshares can have a better value depending on the market and ski season. 

The ski options with Lodge timeshares add to the other outdoor attractions such as boating on nearby lakes, fishing, and hunting. The rustic lodge appearance combined with the luxury in the giant lodge resorts add to the entire timeshare adventure for those who have the more rustic taste.