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What's the Value of Vacation Clubs?

When buying timeshares, potential owners may consider joining one of several vacation clubs. Are they a good value? There are many ways that a vacation club can add to the asset of your timeshare. Here are some of the most important:

Joining the Right One

Vacation clubs, like so many things, are only as good as with whom they do business. There are many clubs to pick from; some are companies that have great reputations and years of vacation experience. RCI, Hyatt and Marriott are representative of those options. Watch for the unheard of since they can convince you to buy their vacation package, take a large portion of money then be out of business or offer you little opportunity to enjoy your holiday. Well established organizations stay in business for decades because they are able to meet and often exceed the wants of their customers. The vacation club which has been around tends to be reputable and offer vacations that its members find satisfying and worth repeating.


Participating in a vacation club offers flexibility in your travel. The reason so many vacationers purchase timeshare vacation weeks is so that they can enjoy the holidays of their dreams.Vacation clubs offer the opportunity to exchange weeks and visit more locations with less hassle. Exchange your regular week in Florida for one in Rome. Do you have winter weeks in the mountains? Trade them in for summer weeks at the beach. You can even trade it for different weeks in the same resort, if you so desire. No need to contact a travel agent, the club does the work for you. You just need to pick the locations that you hope to experience.

Known Quality of Stay

When traveling, there's always an unknown component. An example of this is when a vacationer rents a place off the internet thinking that it is a great flat in the heart of Manhattan and after arriving, finds it to be a roach infested dump that's lucky to be considered habitable. The vacationer has no recourse and the vacation is ruined. For this reason, most travelers try to stick to the tried and true. Joining a vacation club helps the member to know what to expect in their accommodations. Most timeshares are generally resort style vacation homes. When you trade within a well established club, you know the quality of the type of resorts that you'll be staying in.

Staying in Resorts Rather than in Hotels

Vacation clubs generally feature vacation homes, not hotels. Stay in condominiums and cottages rather than rooms. Vacation with both luxury and your own kitchen. Have a living room and beds for the children. This is just a better way to vacation. Also, remember the adage buy in volume, save money. Remember that a vacation club is a collective of travelers who are buying together. Since many people are purchasing vacations within a system, that system can offer prime resort property in highly desired locations. This gives its members opportunity to travel in high style at prices much lower than would be expected.