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Timeshare Buying Tips: Recommended Destinations for Seniors

When looking into timeshare buying for seniors, you will need to decide on a location that will interest you during each visit. Many seniors enjoy vacations in historic and colonial areas, where they are able to take guided tours, view old buildings and architecture and just enjoy a relaxing vacation away from home and their everyday more

Buying a Timeshare in Napa? Consider These Other Wine Destinations

Buying a timeshare in Napa can be a great investment for wine enthusiasts. Purchasing a timeshare in a wine destination such as Napa can ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy quality accommodations every year, as a place to rest your head after a long more

Buying A Breckenridge Timeshare? Consider These Ski Spots as Well

Anyone considering buying a Breckenridge timeshare will need to consider several other resorts. Breckenridge is a popular skiing destination. There are, however, numerous other ski slopes with timeshare resorts which are ideal for anyone with an interest in winter sports. more

The 4 Types of Vacation Ownership

If you are planning to purchase a vacation ownership, the options are a plenty and you can choose a plan from the four types of vacation ownership that complements your lifestyle. more

Find a Ski Timeshare Destination Similar to an Aspen Resort

An Aspen resort is a unique destination to bring your family for a quality ski vacation. But, is it really that unique? more

Buying a Timeshare: Recommended Destinations for Couples

When looking into buying a timeshare, you may want to consider a destination that is recommended for couples. There are plenty of couple destinations to chose from. These would be excellent locations if you are looking for a romantic getaway, a honeymoon location, or just somewhere to relax. Some of the most popular choices are Hawaii, Las Vegas, Florida, and more

Three Top Timeshares for a Swimming Vacation

Taking a swimming vacation can be magnificent, beautiful, relaxing or all three. What can be better than relaxing on white sandy beaches or taking a dip in crystal clear, blue more

The 5 Best International Ski Timeshares

Ski timeshares do not have to be located in the United States. There are many great international ski areas all over the world with amazing timeshare resorts. For those who love to travel around the world and ski in some of the world's best mountains, there more

The 5 Best Vacation Clubs for Newlyweds

The best vacation clubs are the ones that fit your needs at a certain point in your life. Some vacation clubs will be able to grow with you as you enter different phases of your life. From a single person to a newlywed couple, a family that is more

The Best Big Island Timeshare Resorts for Families

A major draw to many Big Island timeshare units is the fact that many people can own a slice of paradise without having to purchase a second home or worry about finding reservations. These timeshares are perfect for a family to enjoy more

Timeshare Buying Tips: Recommended Destinations for Women

Timeshare buying is a fun activity that many people are reaping the benefits of. When many people think of timeshares, they typically think of buyers being married couples or families with children. However, a number of timeshare destinations more

Timeshare Buying Tips: Recommended Destinations for Budget Travelers

Timeshare buying is an enjoyable experience for many. However, it can seem as though buying a timeshare is just for the very wealthy. This is not always the case. The timeshare industry has grown incredibly large and includes more locations than ever more

5 Ideal Rafting Vacation Timeshares

A rafting vacation is one that is taken by those who want to test their endurance against a raging river. This can be something that people do each year in order to recapture the moments and make new memories. Rafting down calm rivers, or down the whitewaters more

The 5 Best Timeshares for a Religious Vacation

Buying a timeshare may not be something that you would equate with a religious vacation. But many people like to make yearly pilgrimages to different areas of the world in order to spend some time in solitude, or at a city that is the center of their more

The 5 Best Timeshares for Parties

The best timeshares are those where people can get away and forget about the pressures of life. To be able to let loose and party in different locations around the world is a great way to enjoy many of the exotic areas of the world. If you want to get away and party with the best of more

Vacation Club Travel: 5 Recommended Resorts for Women

Being a member of a vacation club and travel to different resorts and locations around the world is a great way to enjoy different vacations each year. Families, singles, men, and women can all benefit from many of the different vacation clubs that are offering vacations more

The Top 5 Whitewater Rafting Vacation Timeshares

A whitewater rafting vacation is one of those things that people look forward to all of their lives. It comes with some dangers, but is an exhilarating experience for those who take up the challenge. There is nothing like the thrill of riding down a raging river with several of more

The Best Timeshares for a Boating Vacation

If you are looking for the best boating vacation, this article provides information on the best timeshares for this type of vacation. more

The Best Timeshares for a Snorkeling Vacation

The best timeshares that you can own for a snorkeling vacation include The Alexandra Resort and Spa located in Turks and Caicos; more

4 Essential Theme Park Vacation Timeshares

When you have small children, taking in a theme park on vacation is one of the major activities that people say they are looking for. more

The 4 Best Hiking Vacation Timeshares

When it comes to taking a hiking vacation it is nice to know that when you get back from a day on the trails you can relax in luxury. This is what you get when you buy a timeshare in an area that has great hiking opportunities. There are plenty of places around the world more

The Best Timeshare Resorts for Foodies

Looking for the best timeshare for your vacation does not have to be one that is set on a beach, in an exotic location, or golf course. Some people are looking for a place where they can enjoy some great food. A food vacation is something that people take for an experience more

4 Recommended Timeshares for Horseback Riding Vacations

Horseback riding vacations are not the traditional thing you think of when you talk about timeshare resorts. However, there are plenty of places that make horseback riding a part of their activities, and amenities that are available to guests. These resorts usually have more

The 3 Best Timeshare Rentals for Bicycle Vacations

Bicycle vacations are one of those getaways that many people are starting to enjoy more and more. Because of this, there are several different timeshare opportunities for people to take advantage of where they offer access to great trails. When most people set out to buy more

4 Recommended Scuba Diving Vacation Timeshares

There is nothing better than taking a scuba diving more

The 4 Best Vacation Clubs for Retirees

The Best Vacation Clubs are those that cater to several different kinds of people in society rather that just one. more

The 4 Top Vacation Clubs for Seniors

There are plenty of Vacation Club Resorts where the seniors of our society can have a great time and benefit from the luxuries and comforts. more

Vacation Club Travel: 5 Ideal Resorts for Singles

There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the great deals that Vacation Club travel presents. more

The Best Vacation Club Resorts for Disabled Travelers

When you are disabled, one of the best ways to go on a vacation is through the use of one of the many Vacation Club Resorts. These resorts go out of their way to make all of their guests feel comfortable and more

Timeshare Buying Tips: Recommended Destinations for Newlyweds

Timeshare buying can be a great deal of fun for couples. Timeshares are found in a number of locations that appeal to couples of all ages. You can find a timeshare in a sunny tropical paradise or even find a mountainous area that provides lots of outdoor more

4 Family-Friendly Anaheim Timeshare Resorts Worth Considering

Whether it is a fun time with Disney characters or just a visit to southern California that people want to enjoy on their vacation, they look into an Anaheim timeshare package. A timeshare in Anaheim, California is of incredible value as they offer much more

Timeshare Buying Tips: Recommended Destinations for Retirees

Timeshare buying can be a fun, enjoyable experience for retirees. Being retired opens up some truly interesting possibilities for travel, and a timeshare is a good way to experience a vacation more

Timeshare Buying Tips: Recommended Destinations for Men

Timeshare buying is a great way to insure outstanding luxury style vacations. As a man, you know that you'll be able to provide a wonderful honeymoon and family fun throughout your life. But what about you? more

Timeshare Buying Tips: Recommended Destinations for Singles

Timeshare buying may have a bad reputation, but if you are careful then it is actually possible to buy into a great timeshare property. There are timeshare destinations all around the world which can mean that you have many more

Timeshare Buying Tips: Recommended Destinations for Families

Finding timeshares for families may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Offerings from developers and existing private owners often span a wide range in price and amenities. With that in mind, perhaps the main decision is the timeshare locations. more