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4 Reasons to Buy Lagonita Lodge Timeshares

The Lagonita Lodge in Big Bear Lake, California, is a good investment decision when it comes to vacation ownership. This property has a good investment value, a solid timeshare use system and great reviews.

  1. Good Investment Value
    The Lagonita Lodge has a good investment value due to its low purchase price, reasonable maintenance fees and fair rental prices. This timeshare property can be picked up on the resale market for as low as $1,500. Its maintenance fees fall around $450 annually, which are some of the lowest in the area. These prices are very reasonable for Big Bear Lake, as it is not a cheap vacation destination, which is shown in the rental prices. This property rents for between $700 to $800 per week, which is a significant amount over the annual maintenance fees. Whether you are buying this for personal use or for rental, this will ensure a good investment in Big Bear.

  2. Fixed Or Floating Week Programs
    Currently the timeshare industry is experiencing a shift. This shift is moving programs from fixed- or floating-week systems to points-based systems. The idea is that this offers owners more flexibility, as points can be redeemed whenever you want, for varying sized suites. What some people are finding, though, is that the points systems do not guarantee anything specific, and often what you think you are buying is not what you get. Points-based systems may not provide enough points for what you want, nor will they guarantee the week you want. In addition, when you own points, your points are devalued year after year as more points are required for each location. This means points-based systems are a diminishing investment. This is why many people are looking to buy timeshare property with the more reliable fixed- or floating-based systems on the resale market, as they are becoming more difficult to find. The only decision you need to make is whether a floating or fixed week works better for you and your loved ones.

  3. Solid Reviews
    If you look at the reviews for this property on consumer-rated websites, it has solid ratings. Tripadvisor, for example, has a 70 percent recommended rating, which places it at the top of its class at Big Bear Lake. The common thread among the postings is the great location and fantastic customer service. The personal touch of the resort ensures that visitors have quality vacations year after year. The 14 pages of reviews on Tripadvisor date back to its opening, giving it a solid history of happy customers because of its friendly staff, well-manicured properties and lovely lakefront location.

  4. Year-round Use
    This resort provides activities year-round, from skiing to snowshoeing and swimming to fishing. The resort even has an indoor swimming pool, to ensure that you have plenty of things to do, even in the cold winters. Buying at this property will allow you to get different types of family vacations every year, depending on which season you use your week in. No matter what season you purchase, or decide to use your family will enjoy themselves immensely.