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The 4 Best U.S. Vacation Clubs

Vacation clubs are a great way for families to be able to enjoy yearly vacations at some of the best resorts and theme parks, in the country. By purchasing a yearly membership into the vacation club, you can travel to places like Disney, Colorado, Mexico and Hawaii to enjoy luxurious living at affordable prices. These vacation clubs can include all that you will need in your membership fees or just reserve your spot each year at one of their resorts. Choosing a vacation travel club can be overwhelming because of the number of them. Here are a few of the best U.S. vacation clubs to help narrow down your choice.

1. Disney Vacation Club

Taking part in the Disney Vacation Club opens the door to some very magical experiences in both the elegant, regal and luxurious resorts and the world famous theme parks. The Disney Vacation Club is different than your standard vacation club membership or a timeshare purchase. With a timeshare purchase you are buying time in one resort. The Disney Vacation Club gives you many options including cruises. With the points that you are given each year, you are free to use them in any fashion. Take one trip per year or several. The resorts are just as incredible as the amusement parks and will keep you busy for days as you explore them.

2. Marriott Vacation Club

The Marriott Vacation Club is all about luxury. When you purchase an ownership week at one of the different Marriott Resorts around the country you are buying into royal treatment. Each of the resorts offer the most up to date conveniences and revolutionary amenities to keep you coming back each year. It doesn't matter if you want to spend your time at the beach, at the golf course or on the ski slopes, the Marriott family of resorts has your needs covered. One of the benefits of a Marriott Vacation Club membership is the priority you are given in the exchange program. You have first choice between trading before anyone else does in another network.

3. Shell Vacations Club

For top U.S. travel opportunities, the Shell Vacations Club has been delivering their members with memorable trips for over 40 years. Top resorts in some of the most desirable U.S. locations are a part of what makes the Shell Vacations Club very desirable. Through the points based system that this club uses, you are given a great deal of flexibility over the specifics of your vacation. Location, time and actual room can be determined on a yearly basis if you have the right number of points accumulated. 

4. Hilton Grand Vacations 

While the name of Hilton is mostly known for the many resorts that they have all over the world, they have also built up a very strong vacation club. This club gives their members many different exclusive perks to help tailor their vacations to suit their needs. Using another points based system, members purchase these points to determine their vacation for that year. They can choose from over 30 destinations in the U.S. and they can be all inclusive or just have certain discounts apply.