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The 4 Best International Vacation Clubs

International vacation clubs are a new concept in vacation ownership. Timeshares were created in the 80's but are fairly limiting in their travel possibilities. If your goal is international travel then a travel club is the way to go. These clubs can offer great pricing all over the world, for much less than you would pay without it. The following are the best 4 international vacation clubs:

  1. Occidental:

    The Occidental is a vacation club based around use of its many properties. The properties available through this chain are located in Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba, Dominican Republic and Spain. The members have access to RCI, which is the largest timeshare exchange company on the market, so in addition to its branded properties you have more than 4,000 other options. Within the club itself you can book your week at any of the all inclusive properties (and have a strong discount at their non all inclusive properties). When you book an all inclusive you get the all inclusive prices at members rates, for extra discounts watch for A.I special promotions. You have the options of studio, one or two bedroom suites and the maintenance fees are 285-625 respectively. This club includes something called bonus time, which is unlimited use of their resorts for you and your family, up to a maximum of 60 days reservation. If you can book your vacations within 2 months of taking them then this club is a great investment for you.

  2. Grand Sirenis:

    The Grand Sirenis is a new vacation travel club in the market but is coming on strong. The company has been in business for 47 years and operates 12 5 star hotels worldwide. Out of these hotels 6 are included within the vacation club program. When you visit a Sirenis property all that you pay is their discounted A.I. prices. The resort chain offers maintenance free programs, which significantly lowers the cost of the ownership. There is no limitation on how much you can travel. This club offers use of RCI and DAE (Dial an Exchange), which offers their members plenty of exchange options. The club has their own travel center with your own personal concierge which ensures that booking vacations is simple.

  3. El Dorado:

    The program at El Dorado resorts is almost identical to that of Sirenis, as they both offer no maintenance fees and lots of flexibility. The Dorado resorts are smaller gourmet all inclusive resorts and are adult only. These resorts have beautiful suites and provide romantic and relaxing vacations. The Dorado is the vacation club for you if you are not looking for family vacations; for family vacations use the Sirenis club.

  4. Marriott:

    The Marriott is obviously the strongest brand in the vacation club game, as it is a household name. With the Marriott club you can use many of their beautiful properties in the various locations. This club is great for those who want to ensure a certain level of quality and service wherever they go. Marriott also provides great exchange power. Their maintenance fees vary depending on the type of membership that you own. This club works with Interval International for their resort exchange company, but many members simply use the inter Marriott exchange network.