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Starwood Timeshare Overview: Should You Buy?

The Starwood timeshare program is one of the more popular vacation ownership programs in the United States. The Starwood company owns some of the top resorts in major tourist areas. Included in the company's network are Sheraton and Westin. The resorts are designed for maximum comfort and the best amenities while blending in with the local surroundings. The ownership program offers plenty of flexibility and a good rewards program. Previous owners have reported being very pleased with the quality of the vacations available. Below is an overview of the program and why you'll want to consider buying a Starwood timeshare.

Where are the Properties Located?

Starwood timeshares are located in several great destinations. Most of the properties are located in the U.S., along with a selection of Mexican and Caribbean resorts. Domestic locations include Palm Desert, California; Vail, Colorado; Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Orlando, Florida; Lahaina, Hawaii; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Foreign locations include Cancun, Mexico; the Bahamas; and the Virgin Islands.

The StarOptions Program

Starwood offers its timeshare owners plenty of flexibility and choices. While you have the option of staying at the resort villa you originally selected, StarOptions provides even more choices. This is worth looking into if you like to provide a little variation to your vacation choices. When you're enrolled in StarOptions, you can stay at another villa, in another resort, that's of the same value as your original choice. You won't have to worry about becoming bored with your villa or the resort this way.

What Are Starpoints and How Do I Use Them?

Starpoints allow you even more flexibility in your vacations. Points earned through this program are redeemed for rewards that can be used at any Starwood resort. The rewards are also honored at any hotel chain that's part of Starwood's network. In total, your rewards can be used in nearly 100 countries and over 800 properties. As an alternative, you can use your rewards to obtain merchandise, car rentals, and airline tickets. It's always beneficial to have rewards points that can be used in a number of ways.

Are Exchange Opportunities Available?

Potential owners will be glad to know that they have two exchange opportunities at their disposal. Starwood has its own internal exchange program, the Starwood Vacation Network. Starwood is also a member of Interval International, a top exchange company. This allows you to access thousands of other units available for exchange at other branded resorts.

Themed Vacation Ideas

Starwood is dedicated to helping its owners plan the ideal vacation for their family's needs. The vacation club's website includes plenty of ideas based on what you want out of your vacation, and some special incentives are available. For example, families with kids can utilize the Westin Kids' Club found at Westin-branded resorts. Experienced childcare providers will supervise your kids, and off-site excursions can be arranged. Guests staying at resorts with ski, golf and spa facilities can get special package deals.