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Should You Buy Timeshares from Resorts Directly?

To buy timeshares directly from the resorts can be simultaneously good and bad. Buying direct from the timeshare resorts or developers offers pros and cons.



When you purchase the contract directly from the source then you know exactly what it is that you are getting, it is all there in black and white in your contract. Whereas if you buy on the resale market you may not know exactly what you are getting.


Usually when you purchase direct the developer will include several incentives. This can be free dinners, free weeks, free theater tickets, etc. Also, often if you buy direct the developer will offer to absorb the sales taxes (which can add significantly onto the price).



When you buy direct often it is at an inflated price, usually three or four times the price that you can find on the resale market

Emotional Sale:

When you are on tour with the developer rep, you are getting excited and emotional about this purchase. This doesn't leave you a clear mind to make well thought out decisions. The sales people are trained to impress you with parlor like tricks in order to get you excited, so if you do buy direct, ensure that you keep a rational mind.