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How to Buy a Hawaii Timeshare

A Hawaii timeshare is one of the world's most fun places to spend a vacation. When you get a timeshare on Hawaii, you'll be close to all the beaches and area attractions. A timeshare offers somewhat of an advantage over staying in a hotel because the quarters are more spacious and you can do your own cooking. Paying for a week at a timeshare can be far less expensive than staying in a hotel.

Determine Where You'd Like to Stay

Hawaii's islands all offer something special for their visitors. Waikiki Beach, located on Oahu, is a playground for beachgoers, with good dining, shopping, and an active nightlife. Maui is considered by many vacationers to be an ideal island on which to own a timeshare. The island has a multitude of fun outdoor activities to enjoy all year. Start off by getting yourself acquainted with the state's islands and what attractions are located on each. You'll want to select a location close to the things that you'll do the most. While you'll probably want to do some island-hopping, it helps to remember that transportation to and from the islands can be somewhat expensive. You can get a feel for which area might be best for you and your family by reading travel sites and guide books. It also doesn't hurt to talk to friends who have traveled to Hawaii.

Start Your Search

You'll want to use timeshare publications and timeshare websites to find out what's available. Magazines usually have several pages of classified ads with timeshares for sale. The sites used by timeshare buyers have tools to help you locate a timeshare near the attractions and on the island of your choice. While you'll want to consider locations and amenities, you have another important choice to make: Right to Use or deeded contract. RTU contracts are similar to a lease and last for a specified number of years. Deeded contracts give you full ownership privileges, and you can bequeath your property to others. The most fun part of searching for atimeshare in Hawaii is, of course, visiting the resorts to see the units in person. The warm sunshine and pounding surf will definitely make you eager to start enjoying the timeshare.

What to Expect At the Closing

After you've found the ideal spot, you'll want to schedule your closing as soon as possible. Generally speaking, a closing company will be able to get your appointment set within a few weeks. There will be some closing costs that average around a few hundred dollars. Depending on the mortgage company you go through, these might be able to be figured into the mortgage cost. Hawaii does vary from some other states when it comes to preparing the deed. In Hawaii, an attorney draws up the deed, rather than the title company handling the closing. This, however, won't cause any significant delays and your closing should proceed as otherwise expected.