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How the Disney Vacation Club Works

The Disney Vacation Club is one of the premier vacation clubs in the world today. These Disney resorts are top of the line when it comes to luxury, amenities, incredible experiences and activities. Many people all over the world take part in the Disney Vacation Club because of the Disney World theme park. But, that is not the only reason this vacation club is head and shoulders above the rest. If you are interested in buying a membership into the Disney Vacation Club, here is some information that will help you understand how it works.

Buying Ownership in Dream Vacations

When someone makes the decision to buy into the Disney Vacation Club, they are essentially buying a vacation property in some of the most world renowned resorts. This ownership is your ticket to years of dream vacations in one of the most magical places on earth. 

Options Make Better Vacations

What sets apart Disney timeshares from the rest of the timeshare resorts around the world is their unique way of adding options for their members to choose from. Through a points based system, timeshare owners are given different opportunities to experience different parts of the Disney Vacation Club. Each year owners receive an allotment of points that are then used towards their vacation choices for that upcoming year. They can use them anyway that they want. There are no set rules. As long as they have enough points, they can tailor make their own vacation. 

More Points for More Use

Since you are given the same amount of points every year, you will have to be a little wise about how you spend them. Each of the resorts has a different point value as well as the time of year and the size of the unit you want to stay in. Depending on how many points you have at the time will determine whether or not that is possible. The good news is that you can bank your unused points for future use. So, if you want to upgrade your current suite to a Grand Villa or travel to another resort, you can save up points in order to do so

Great Value

Disney Vacation Club points are even more valuable than just a timeshare at a Disney Resort. With eight different resorts and several cruises to choose from, this would be a great value. The Disney Vacation Club goes a step further. By banking your points each year you also have the option to choose from other timeshare resorts all over the world. By exchanging your points for another timeshare unit, in a different part of the world, owners can enjoy worldwide travel. 

No Extra Fees

The good thing about buying into a vacation club is that you do not have to continue to pay the extra fees associated with usual timeshares. Your yearly membership is there to buy the points that you are allotted each year. If you want to pay more, then you will earn more points. However, the Disney Vacation Club will not charge you more for taxes, maintenance and other hidden costs.