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Buying Timeshare Units: Ensuring You Get What You Want

When someone is buying a timeshare there are several things to consider. While you are not actually buying a physical piece of property, you are buying a theoretical piece of property. It is going to be a place where you will be going at least once a year for many years to come. A purchase like this means that you should get something resembling what you want in a timeshare. Here is some information to help ensure that you do get what you want when you buy a timeshare.

Basic Amenities

Buying a timeshare means that you are also looking heavily into the amenities that are associated with the resort. These may include swimming pools, fitness centers, kids daycare, playgrounds, on-site shopping, dining, private decks, beach access, tennis courts, golf course, car rentals, or anything else that will be provided by the resort. When someone looks into buying a timeshare, the amenities has a great deal to do with it. To help you get the exact timeshare that you want, make sure the resort has the amenities you are looking for. If not, move on to another one. 

Resale Value

Whenever you buy anything that is a sizable investment you want to make sure that there is going to be some sort of return on your investment. Unlike real estate, a timeshare does not appreciate in value. If you buy directly from a developer, or a resort itself, then you will be paying much more than you would from a private reseller. They can offer these timeshare units for below what a resort can. Once you buy the timeshare from the reseller, you will be able to resell it yourself for either a profit or to break even.

Wanting a Specific Unit

If you already know the resort, you may request a specific unit. This would mean that you want to enter into a locked timeshare where the week of your stay, and the unit you stay in, is always the same. Sometimes this is exactly what you are buying, but you will need to ask about it. If it is not included, then the changes can be made. 

Specific Week of Stay

While you are asking about a specific unit that you want to stay in, you may as well also lock in your week. Many people have the same week of the year off due to their job or some other circumstance. Having this written into the contract will make sure that you do not show up and someone else is moving in. 

Activities and Amusements

If you have children, then you are going to want a timeshare where you will be able to keep them busy also. Disney World resorts have this taken care of by being located near the world famous Amusement Park. However, there are some timeshares that are miles away from anything for children or after hours activities. 

Make a List

Once you make the decision to buy a timeshare, you should start to make a list of the things that you would like to see in your timeshare. They do not have to be deal breakers, but they should be specific things that you would like to see. Things like kitchen in the room, private walkway, garage parking or other things like that.