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Buying a Timeshare: What is an OPC?

When vacationing in the vicinity of a high-travel area, you may encounter an OPC who tries to get you interested in buying a timeshare. OPCs, are also known as off-premises contacts or outside public contacts. These workers use enticements, such as give-aways including free tickets to local attractions or restaurant passes, to convince the those who are passing by to visit a timeshare presentation.

Where Do You Find OPCs? 

Perhaps the operative phrase is where will an OPC find you? Oftentimes, OPCs will be set up in kiosks or desks in hotel lobbies. Sometimes they'll approach you at vacation attractions such as the beach or a boardwalk. In some communities the OPC is not allowed to approach you, but the potential of penalties are small, so the regulation may not work as a deterrent.

What You Need to Watch Out For

The OPC is paid on commission, meaning they get paid for getting people interested enough to show up and participate in a presentation about buying a timeshare. Read the fine print. Make sure you understand what the offer is before you agree to participate in anything. Don't get into unmarked cars with strangers; it's better to play it safe. Finally, the OPC most likely is helping to sell never-before-purchased timeshare slots, not resale, and the properties will be priced as such. There will be a lot of pressure to purchase and you could be there for hours longer than promised. Be sure this is how you want to spend your time before you agree in participating.