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A Guide to Buying Blue Bay Club Timeshares

Formerly known as the Blue Bay Club, the Sea Adventure Resort and Waterpark is the perfect family-friendly resort in Cancun, more

A Guide to Buying Tahoe Sands Resort Timeshares

The Sierra Nevada Mountains and exquisite Lake Tahoe provide the backdrop for the Tahoe Sands Resort. more

How to Buy Playa Linda Beach Resort Timeshares

The Playa Linda Beach resort in Oranjestad, Aruba may be a great choice to purchase a timeshare property. more

Buying Florida Vacation Villas Timeshares: What to Expect

If you are planning to buy a timeshare to ensure hassle-free holidays for your family and are looking for a combination of comfort, luxury, activities for kids and a relaxing stroll at the beach, buying Florida Vacation Villas timeshare could be the answer to all your queries. more

Three Frequently Asked Questions about Timeshare Ownership

When you are purchasing timeshare ownership, there may be some questions that you'd like answers to. Timeshare ownership is growing fast with millions of owners all around the world. Vacationing through timeshares is one of the best ways to travel and stay at high quality resorts with lots of more

The FAQs of Interval International Timeshares

You probably have some questions about interval international timeshares if you're considering buying one. Interval International is a timeshare exchange company that has been in business for over thirty more

The FAQs of Purchasing a Timeshare from an Online Auction

People who are looking at purchasing a timeshare have quite a few options to choose from and the option we will look at is purchasing a timeshare from an online auction. Online auctions are more convenient for people who are looking to buy timeshares because they allow you to buy from the comfort of your own more

The FAQs of Buying Resale Timeshares

You may have come across the concept of resale timeshares if you are in the market to buy timeshares. Timeshares at their most basic are a form of ownership or the right to use a certain property for a certain number of weeks every year. more

Timeshare Seasons: Frequently Asked Questions

When buying a timeshare, you may have questions about the different timeshare seasons that there are. more

Considering a Timeshare Fractional? 4 FAQs Answered

If you have been looking for a timeshare to own, or even if you have owned a timeshare for some time, you have likely heard the term timeshare more

Your FAQ Guide to Timeshares in Orlando

If you are looking to buy timeshares, then timeshares in Orlando are a good bet for your whole family's vacation more

Two Frequently Asked Questions about Las Vegas Timeshares

When you are considering buying Las Vegas timeshares, there are probably a ton of questions that you more

Three Frequently Asked Questions about Timeshare Points

Buying timeshare points can be much different than buying timeshare weeks. This may be the right option for you, or it may not be. Before deciding if you'd rather go with fixed and flexible weeks at your timeshare or use the points more

4 FAQs about Purchasing an International Timeshare

An international timeshare is something you have thought of less than a timeshare in the good, old US, if you have thought of timeshares at all, that is. The distance and the foreign aspect of an international timeshare likely keep you from more

Buying a Timeshare? 3 Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering buying a timeshare there may be a number of questions that you have. Below are the most common queries from anyone who is thinking about purchasing a timeshare more

Buying a Timeshare: What is an OPC?

When vacationing in the vicinity of a high-travel area, you may encounter an OPC who tries to get you interested in buying a more

Buying Timeshares: Why are Urban Timeshares So Costly?

The process of buying timeshares can be extensive, but price is paramount in most travelers' decision-making efforts. Those buyers considering an urban timeshare may be impressed with the setting and surrounding attractions, but may also encounter sticker shock more

Buying Timeshares: What is an Urban Timeshare?

Two main considerations in buying timeshares are location and buyer interests. Although many vacationers opt for repeat beach visits, some travelers seek a more diverse experience. Urban timeshares provide a nice more

Buying Timeshares: What are Fractionals?

Fractionals are one type of product that the timeshare industry offers. At its birth, buying timeshares was pretty simple. You bought a specific week of the year at a specific resort located in a specific place on the more

Buying Timeshares: What are Vacation Clubs?

The classic timeshare product involves ownership; vacation clubs offer an alternative. In the traditional property market you can either purchase your home or rent it. In the timeshare world buying timeshares is equivalent to purchasing your home, whereas vacation club rental is equivalent to renting more

Buying Timeshare Units: What Are Off-Property Consultants?

One of the terms that is associated with buying a timeshare is an off-property consultant. Since this is an industry specific term, many people are not familiar with it and do not know who they are, or what they do. Here is some information about who off-property consultants more

What is a Timeshare Rescission Period?

You're considering buying a timeshare and you've heard the phrase, rescission period and you're wondering what it is and how it applies to you. A rescission period can be the best friend of those who do buy timeshare. It's your more