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4 Myrtle Beach Timeshare Scams to Avoid

A timeshare Myrtle Beach is a great way to enjoy this popular Atlantic Ocean destination. Myrtle Beach combines the fun of a beach resort with a good dose of Southern hospitality. A good timeshare at Myrtle Beach can be a genuine treat for you and your family. However, you do want to be wary of the various scams associated with timeshares in this area. You don't want what would otherwise be a perfect vacation soured by a bad timeshare experience. Here are some scams you should be aware of:

1. Using Information on Loan Applications Without Consent

One notorious scam in the Myrtle Beach area involves submitting a loan application from customers who have merely expressed interest in a timeshare. The potential buyer is often horrified to learn that an application is pending for a mortgage they never intended to take out. Getting out of a situation like this can present some serious legal struggles. Scammers who submit this fraudulant information obtain it from seemingly innocent questionaires. Never give out your Social Security number, bank, or credit card information to anyone except a loan officer from a legitimate financing company. Using legitimate companies will make it easier to get a timeshare in Myrtle Beach.

2. Charging Existing Owners for Unwanted Additional Time or Points

Many resorts sell additional points or discounted weeks to get owners to invite family and friends as guests. This can be ideal for owners who want their family to experience the fun of timesharing. However, caution should be used. Additional time is often sold in the context of a presentation. Salespeople at these presentations use aggressive selling techniques and emotional appeals. They have been known to collect credit card information with the promise to not charge the credit card until the owner has had a few days to make up his or her mind. The cardholder often ends up being charged anyway. Don't commit to anything or hand over your credit card until you're completely sure.

3. Presentations with Prizes, and Strings Attached

Many new owners are initially introduced to timesharing by means of a presentation. These presentations often offer some type of incentive for attending, and are offered with no obligation. Many attendees at these presentations are unable to collect their prize without committing to a sale, despite promises to the contrary. Don't hesitate to be upfront with the presentor if you just want your incentive and don't want to buy. Avoid filling out any paperwork, and don't be afraid to ask for the salesperson's real estate license information. Even if you refuse, they should still behave like a polite professional. If not, you can register a complaint with the state's real estate board.

4. Relief for Owners That's No Relief at All

An owner with an existing timeshare may want to sell it before investing in a Myrtle Beach timeshare. The sellers' market isn't always good, and owners may be approached by firms offering to help sell their timeshare. This can seem like genuine help when the market is bad, especially when they claim to already have a buyer ready. A fee is usually demanded for their services, and no further interaction takes place. Always check for legitimate real estate credentials.