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Buying a Timeshare: Making a Down Payment

Some people can decide on buying a timeshare by paying in full. The vast majority of people will want to finance in some way. When you finance the real timeshare price you pay, including finance charges, this is very dependent on the down payment you make.

A down payment is the percentage of the timeshare price you pay at closing. It can be anything from 0% to 90% although 10% is standard. The interest percentage and the total amount of interest you pay is likely to be dependent upon how big a down payment you make. You should expect a much more attractive interest rate for a larger down payment.

It is in your interests to make as large a down payment as you can afford. This will impact finance charges. You should look for a significant discount on the timeshare price itself. Make sure you insist on a special discount if you are paying above the standard 10%.

Also, as with any major purchase, it is very wise to shop around. Do your homework and compare external financing options with those offered directly by the timeshare vendor. If you do finance independently make certain that you still get the full timeshare price discount for your down payment exactly as if you had used resort financing.