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Should I Be Wary of Making a Large, Up-front Deposit on My International Timeshare?

Yes, you should be wary of making a large, upfront deposit on your international timeshare because of the simple fact that you are going to be more

Why Should I Be Worried About an Overly Pushy Timeshare Salesman?

You ought to be worried about an overly pushy timeshare salesman because of the threat that there may well be a scam involved in the deal. If more

What Are Some Creative Ways to Pay Off a Timeshare Loan?

If you have obtained a timeshare loan at a high rate of interest, it may start hurting your monthly household budget because of the high more

What Are the Interest Rates Like When You Finance a Timeshare Through the Seller?

When you finance a timeshare through the seller, the interest rates are likely to be higher than the prevailing market rates. Timeshare more

Should I Consider Borrowing from Friends and Family to Pay Off My Timeshare Loan?

If your timeshare loan has been acquired at a high rate of interest, it is definitely a good idea to consider borrowing from friends or family to more

How Can I Leverage the Cash Value of My Insurance to Pay Off My Timeshare Loan?

If you are looking for ways to reduce your timeshare financing costs or wish to pay off your expensive timeshare loan, one of the options you more

What Are the Advantages of Using My Saving to Pay Off My Timeshare Loan?

Timeshare loans are typically raised at relatively higher rates of interest, and after a point of time the high interest cost burden may more

Should I Approach Private Lenders to Pay Off My Timeshare Loan?

If your expensive timeshare loan has been putting a strain on your household budget because of the high interest costs, there is no harm in more

Should I Seek a Cheaper Bank Loan to Pay Off My Timeshare Loan?

It is always advisable to review your financial position and status of loans to see where you can save on the costs of borrowing. It is possible more

How Can I Use My Home Equity to Pay Off My Timeshare Loan?

If you have bought your timeshare against a loan at a high rate of interest, you may consider refinancing the loan using home equity. First more

What Are the Disadvantages of Buying a Timeshare Foreclosure?

One of the disadvantages of buying a timeshare foreclosure is that you have limited choices available. You may get a cheaper priced deal, but if more

What Are the Advantages of Buying a Timeshare Foreclosure?

The reason why many timeshare buyers look for a timeshare foreclosure offer is that it usually comes at a great bargain value for the buyer. In more

How Can I Avoid Online Financing Scams?

If you are dealing with an online company for timeshares, it is important to exercise due diligence to verify the authenticity of the company. more

How Do I Find a Legitimate Timeshare Financing Company?

Your first step in finding a legitimate timeshare financing company should be to check with your friends, family and colleagues if they have more

What Do Developers Do with the Money They Get from Selling Receivables?

Money that the developers get from selling receivables is usually used by them to do one of two things, primarily because selling receivables is more

Why Would a Timeshare Developer Decide to Retire a Loan in Favor of Selling Receivables?

A timeshare developer would decide to retire a loan in favor of selling receivables if he/she can pay off the debt he/she owes to his/her lenders more

How Do Timeshare Developers Raise Finance for New Resort Projects?

Timeshare developers raise finances for new resort projects by, in part, selling receivables. Receivables are the credit contracts which are more

How Do Receivables Work in the Timeshare Industry?

In the timeshare industry, receivables work in the following way: Developers of timeshare properties extend credit to potential customers who want more

When Would It Be Appropriate to Borrow Against My Life Insurance Policy?

If you have a long term life insurance policy on which you have been paying the premium for several years, it would have a reasonable cash more

When Would It Be Appropriate to Borrow from My Personal Contacts?

If you have an expensive timeshare loan that is causing a squeeze on your monthly househould budget due to high interest costs, you may more

When Is Credit Card Refinancing a Good Idea?

Credit card refinancing may be a good idea under specific situations. You should have a good credit history of payments and an adequate unused more

How Could I Use My Home Equity to Refinance My Timeshare?

If you have bought your timeshare with an expensive loan at a high rate of interest, you have the option to refinance it later using your more

How Does My Credit Score Affect the Cost of My Timeshare Loan?

Your credit score has a crucial impact on the cost of your timeshare loan. All lending institutions, banks and private lenders would like to more

Is It Possible to Finance a Timeshare with a Low Credit Score?

Yes, it is possible to finance a timeshare with a low credit score, if you know where to apply. Unlike banks and other lending institutions, more

How Lenient Are Timeshare Sellers with Loan Approvals?

Normally, timeshare sellers are very lenient with their loan approvals because as the companies that sell the timeshares, they have an interest more

How Easy Is It to Finance Timeshare Through a Seller?

It is super easy to obtain financing of a timeshare from the seller, and timeshare companies know this. That's why the rates of interest they more

Is Getting a Timeshare Broker Worth the Money?

Getting a timeshare broker is actually not worth the money for one, simple reason: There is absolutely no guarantee that paying a timeshare broker more

What Circumstances Do Not Require a Timeshare Broker?

The circumstances that do not require a timeshare broker include all those times when you are trying to do the sale of your timeshare unit on more

What Circumstances Require a Timeshare Broker?

The circumstances that require a timeshare broker are mostly those cases where you either need professional representation or don't want to more

How Does a Claim Work for Multiple Lenders over a Single Hypothecated Asset?

A claim for multiple lenders over a single, hypotheticated asset works in the following manner. First, both parties agree that the original more

Can I Hypothecate a Single Asset for Multiple Loans?

Yes, you are able to hypothecate a single asset for multiple loans. Hypothecation for this purpose is mostly used by the developer of a more

What Is the Need for Hypothecation in Terms of Timeshare Loans?

In terms of timeshare loans, hypothecation is needed to put up an asset, usually a valuable one, in order to qualify for a loan from a more

In What Situation Would an Unsecured Timeshare Loan Be Better for Me?

An unsecured timeshare loan will be better for you in a situation where you do not have any substantive asset that can be used as collateral more

In What Situation Would a Secured Timeshare Loan Be Better for Me?

A secured timeshare loan is a better option if you have a good asset that is available to be used as a security for the loan. This will help you more

What Is an Unsecured Timeshare Loan?

An unsecured timeshare loan refers to a loan that you raise to buy a timeshare but are unable to back up the loan with any valuable security more

What Is a Secured Timeshare Loan in Lamen's Terms?

A secured timeshare loan refers to a loan that you raise to buy a timeshare against a valuable security or collateral. With a secured loan, more

What Would Be the Impact on Customer Confidence If I Choose to Sell Receivables?

There are other potential results of selling receivables other than a financial loss for you. When the receivables are sold to a factoring more

Should I Consider Other Sources of Finance Before Selling Receivables?

Selling receivables should ideally be your last option to raise finance, so you must consider other sources of finance before using this option. more

How Do I Evaluate My Creditworthiness Before Selling Receivables?

Before you go ahead with selling receivables to a professional factoring agency, it is advisable to evaluate your creditworthiness in the market. more

Is Selling Receivables an Expensive or Affordable Way to Raise Cash?

Selling receivables is usually an expensive way to raise finances and this option should be used only when cheaper alternatives are not available. more

Is It Normal for a Timeshare Financing Company to Demand Upfront Money?

It is not normal for a timeshare financing company to demand upfront money. Any legitimate finance company would be more keen to know the borrower' more

How Should I Evaluate a Timeshare Financing Company's Loan Proposal?

As a first step, you should look at the timeshare financing company's loan proposal objectively and ask yourself whether it sounds more

How Can I Tell If a Timeshare Financing Company's Website Is Legitimate?

One of the simple ways to assess the legitimacy of a timeshare financing company is to look for corporate information about the company on more

How Can I Use My Student Loan as a Way to Finance a Timeshare?

Student loans can be used effectively to finance your timeshare at a relatively lower rate of interest. The resort developers can also use more

What Are Home Equity Loans in Terms of Timeshare Financing?

Home equity loans in terms of timeshare financing are a popular way to raise a loan against an asset backed security. In this case, the borrower more

What Are Mortgage Backed Securities in Terms of Timeshare Financing?

Mortgage backed securities in terms of timeshare financing are typically used by resort developers who need to raise large scale funds for more

What Is the Advantage for the Borrower in the Hypothecation Process?

The advantage for the borrower in the hypothecation process is that a borrower with a weak credit history or a poor credit score still has a more

What Are Some Negative Consequences I Should Be Aware of Before Getting a Secured Loan?

Some negative consequences you ought to be aware of before getting a secured loan include the inability to pay back the loan and the potential more

How Does Selling Receivables Affect the Reputation of the Timeshare Developer?

Selling receivables affects the reputation of the timeshare developer in a predominantly negative way. After all, if a timeshare developer is at more

How Do Timeshare Resort Developers Sell Receivables?

Timeshare resort developers sell receivables by offering financial credit to timeshare customers of their particular development. In return, more

Why Would a Timeshare Resort Developer Sell Receivables?

A timeshare resort developer would sell receivables for a few reasons, but primary among them is to simply increase the cashflow. When his/ more

What Is the Advantage of Using My Good Credit for Refinancing My Timeshare?

Your good credit is your biggest strength that can help you to refinance your timeshare at a cheaper rate of interest. At the time you bought more

What Are the Disadvantages of Going Through a Refinancing Company for Refinancing Timeshare?

Even though a refinancing company may make it an easier process for you to acquire a timeshare refinance, the disadvantage can be the higher more

What Are the Advantages of Going Through the Bank for Refinancing Timeshare?

If you have a good relationship with your bank over a period of time, and your credit history and credit scores are satisfactory, it may be useful more

How Do I Find Specialty Timeshare Finance Companies?

Due the fast growth of timeshare industry in recent decades, there are a number of specialty timeshare finance companies in business today. You more

Why Should I Use a Specialty Timeshare Finance Company?

If you are looking for a suitable financier to buy a timeshare, you should consider using a specialty timeshare finance company. Your more

What Is a Specialty Timeshare Finance Company?

A specialty timeshare finance company is one that runs a business of exclusively financing timeshare related deals only. This kind of company more

4 Reasons to Avoid Securitization as a Timeshare Financing Option

Resort development is a highly capital intensive business, therefore most resort developers have to opt for timeshare financing through various more

The Drawbacks of Hypothecation for Timeshare Financing

Among the various methods of timeshare financing, hypothecation is one of the popular ones. It is used by many resort developers who want to more

The Downsides to Timeshare Refinancing

Timeshare refinancing is a concept that relates to your desire to procure a much more favorable rate of interest on the original timeshare loan that you took out. The concept of timeshare refinancing is undoubtedly attractive to very many folks because of two, initial more

3 Drawbacks to Financing a Timeshare Through the Seller

Timeshare financing is the concept of being loaned money by an entity, usually the timeshare company itself or a bank or other lending institution, so that you can afford your timeshare property that you want to buy. more

4 Things to Consider Before Selling Receivables to Finance Your Timeshare

Among various innovative methods of timeshare financing, selling receivables is one of the ways for resort developers to raise finance under compelling more

The Drawbacks of Selling Receivables for Financing Timeshares

One of the ways to finance timeshare resort developments is selling receivables at a discounted price to factoring agencies. more

Can a Single Asset be Hypothecated to More than One Timeshare Loan?

Acquiring a timeshare loan is a common practice in the timeshare industry because the business is highly capital more

Pros and Cons of Timeshare Financing Through a Credit Union

Timeshare financing is available through a number of different means, but timeshare financing through a credit union is becoming more and more common these more

What Are Specialty Timeshare Finance Companies?

To finance timeshare property that you are interested in buying, there will be a few options available to you to choose more

Benfits and Drawbacks to Specialty Timeshare Finance Companies?

Timeshare financing is a common way to purchase a more

Are Online Timeshare Financing Companies Legit?

When you are thinking about or starting the process of buying a timeshare, you may need to find yourself a timeshare financing company for timeshare more

Pros and Cons of Buying a Timeshare Foreclosure

Buying a timeshare foreclosure can provide you with an excellent more

Why Using Home Equity to Buy Timeshares is a Bad Idea

The easiest way to buy timeshares when you are tight with your finances is to take a loan from the market and finance your more

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Timeshare Properties

When you are making a new property purchase, you will want to make sure that you steer clear of cheap timeshare more

Financing Timeshares: Asset-Backed Securities vs Individual Loans

In most cases, investors prefer to purchase asset-backed securities rather than individual more

Timeshare Financing: What is Selling with Recourse?

In timeshare financing, investors may chose to sell with more

Financing a Timeshare: What Are Asset-Backed Securities?

Asset-backed securities are a common way to finance the development of a timeshare more

How to Avoid Timeshare Prepayment Penalties

How to Avoid Timeshare Prepayment more

How to List Your Timeshares for Sale by Owner

How to List Your Timeshares for Sale by more

How to Maximize Your Timeshare Resale Value

How to Maximize Your Timeshare Resale more

Do You Really Need a Timeshare Broker?

The need for a timeshare broker is really a subjective issue. The subject of a timeshare broker is an issue that carries with it both pros and cons, usually depending on what your individual circumstances are. more

What to Consider Before Using a Home Equity Loan to Buy Timeshares

One of the common ways to buy timeshares is to raise a loan to finance the purchase. Obtaining timeshare financing is not very difficult as long as you have a good credit history and an acceptable credit score. more

3 Common Signs of International Timeshare Scams

Owning an international timeshare is a pursuit more Americans are getting themselves into these more

Why Asset Securitization is Ideal for Financing a Timeshare

Why Asset Securitization is Ideal for Financing a more

How Asset Securitization Benefits Lenders and Timeshare Developers

Asset Securitization is a common practice in the timeshare industry which is used to finance new resort development more

How Do the Sales of Receivables Work for Timeshare Financing?

One of the common ways to raise finance for a timeshare development is through sales of more

4 Reasons to Sell Receivables for Timeshare Financing

An increasingly popular way to raise finances in the timeshare industry is to sell receivables that are owned by the more

What Happens to Hypothecated Assets if a Timeshare Loan Defaults?

Timeshare resort developers generally need to raise a timeshare loan to finance a new project development. more

When is an Unsecured Timeshare Loan Better than Hypothecation?

Hypothecation is a widely accepted method of raising funds to finance the development of a timeshare resort. more

3 Reasons to Consider Hypothecation for Financing Timeshares

Hypothecation is a means to raise finance in the timeshare industry by way of pledging a financial asset as a security against a more

Timeshare Refinancing: Why Choose a Refinance Company Over a Bank?

Timeshare refinancing is one way of saving money on your investments. Although timeshares are excellent investments, they can also be expensive if you buy timeshare through in-house financing. more

The Advantages of Marketing Your Timeshares for Sale by Owner

Marketing of your timeshares for sale by owner offers numerous advantages over other options. Timeshares can be sold through general auction websites such as eBay or generic selling sites such as more

The Perks to Using a Personal Loan to Finance a Timeshare

To finance a timeshare, you have to begin to think creatively. That is why the use of a personal loan to finance a timeshare is such an indispensable tool. A personal loan can be best thought of as a debt incurred by an individual rather than a business or a company. more

3 Questions to Ask when You Refinance a Timeshare

To refinance a timeshare, you have reached the stage in your timeshare ownership where you try to improve upon the interest rate you are receiving. If your rate of interest for your timeshare debt obligation is unpleasantly high, refinancing for a lower rate is a good way to lower your more

How to Find Trustworthy Internet Timeshare Financing Companies

Timeshare financing has become a lucrative business with the unprecedented growth of the timeshare industry in recent years. Banks as well as private lending institutions are willing to provide loans to customers who are keen to buy timeshare and have a good credit history. more

3 Reasons to Finance Timeshare Through the Seller

One of the easiest ways to finance timeshare deals is to opt for seller financing. Seller financing is typically offered by resort developers who are selling a new resort project to the prospective clients. more

How to Refinance a Timeshare with Bad Credit

If your existing timeshare loan is proving to be too expensive, you need to consider your options to refinance. Timesharerefinancing can be challenging if your credit history is unimpressive, and your credit score is more

Timeshare Financing: What is a Prepayment Penalty?

A prepayment penalty is a provision written into your contract with the lender of your timeshare financing. This can either be the bank that loaned you the money for your timeshare purchase or the actual timeshare company that put up the financing at its own inflated rates of more

Refinance a Timeshare: Is Using a Credit Card the Best Way?

To refinance a timeshare, you will want to get a lower rate of interest on your timeshare debt obligation, so you can pay it off in terms that are more favorable to you and easier on your more

Timeshare Finance: 3 Types of Asset Backed Securities

A common way of financing a timeshare resort or its development is through something called asset backed securities. The development of a vacation ownership resort is a huge operation that requires a lot of capital right from the beginning to support more

Timeshare Financing: What is Hypothecation?

One of the key aspects of timeshare financing is hypothecation. It is a popular way to raise finances for buying a timeshare. Hypothecation essentially means pledging of a valuable asset as a security with a lender to receive a more

Secured vs. Unsecured Timeshare Loans: A Comparison Guide

When deciding to buy a timeshare and getting a timeshare loan, you may be trying to decide between a secured and unsecured loan. more

The Basics of Hypothecation for Timeshare Loans

Timeshare loans can come in the form known as hypothecation, which is one of the three major means of timeshare more